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Sagyeong: Korean Traditional Illuminated Sutra

The term Sagyeong originates from two words- “Samadhi” and “Art”, where “Samadhi” refers to a meditative state of consciousness. This 1700-year old Korean tradition of sutra transcription and illumination by hand, was introduced in the early 4th century to spread the teachings … Continue reading

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UN Climate Summit: “You Can Make History… Or Be Vilified By It”

Leonardo DiCaprio addressed world leaders assembled for the United Nations Climate Summit early Tuesday morning, urging them to take action to address “the greatest challenge of our existence on this planet.” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon recently appointed DiCaprio to serve … Continue reading

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#HeForShe : if not me, who? If not now, when?

Speech by UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson at a special event for the HeForShe campaign, United Nations Headquarters, New York, 20 September 2014. You can read a full transcription below: Today we are launching a campaign called “HeForShe.” I … Continue reading

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