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Delicate and Detailed Pattern Carved into Fruits and Vegetables by Takehiro Kishimoto

Japanese chef Takehiro Kishimoto shares in his Instagram account numerous examples of his amazing skill and inventive approach to food carving. Avocados, radishes, kiwis, carrots and cucumbers have been transformed into delicate ornate flowers and detailed patterns. The designs are often based on traditional … Continue reading

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Sagyeong: Korean Traditional Illuminated Sutra

The term Sagyeong originates from two words- “Samadhi” and “Art”, where “Samadhi” refers to a meditative state of consciousness. This 1700-year old Korean tradition of sutra transcription and illumination by hand, was introduced in the early 4th century to spread the teachings … Continue reading

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New Unbelievably Beautiful Drawings by Morgan Davidson

New unbelievably beautiful drawings by Denver based illustrator Morgan Davidson (previously). “My work is mostly drawn in colored pencil, a medium I started working with when I was a child. I’ve always been drawn to it’s precise nature and how easily you can create … Continue reading

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Gorgeous Ink Illustrations by Marina Mika

Croatian artist Marina (Mika) Bitunjac has developed a personal style inspired by fashion and fairy tales. Her specialization is the traditional illustration with a correlation with the “Beardsley’s” art-nouveau lineart. Behance / Instagram / Facebook  

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Artistical Tattoos Infused with Korean Traditional Colors and Patterns

Korean tattooer Pitta KKM blends the art masterpieces of old masters with the traditional colors and pattern of Korean art. He explains “In Korea, there are traditional colors called ‘오방색’ (five direction colors), blue, white, red, black and yellow for east, west, south, north and … Continue reading

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Monmon Cats by Kazuaki Horitomo

Kazuaki Horitomo is a California-based Japanese artist who has been tattooing for over twenty years and is well versed in Japanese tradition including tebori (a technique of tattooing by hand). This unique concept was born out of a combination of Horitomo’s two great … Continue reading

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Detailed Colored Pencil Drawings by Marco Mazzoni

Milan-based artist Marco Mazzoni creates intricate drawings almost exclusively with colored pencils. His works are about the cycles of nature and worlds based heavily in Italian folklore. Mazzoni weaves a world based on Italian folklore, made up of Janas and Cogas, female figures … Continue reading

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Slavic Folklore Through High-Fashion Portraits

Moscow-based photographer Andrey Yakovlev and art director Lili Aleeva (a duo known simply as Yakovlev and Aleeva) created a photo series placing their subjects in traditional Slavic garb to create a interesting mixture of traditionalism, high fashion and certain degree of … Continue reading

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Akuma Shugi From Wolf & Dagger Tattoos Studio

Akuma Shugi is a tattoo artist and illustrator from Wolf & Dagger, a custom tattoo studio in Hove UK, specialising in Japanese, traditional and neo-traditional tattooing. His artworks (on paper and on skin) are a clever and original reinvention of old Japanese … Continue reading

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Chronicle Of CrazyCity by So PineNut

So PineNut is a Japanese artist and illustrator based in Tokyo. His dramatic works entirely out of graphite are often inspired by the darkest side of the Bible. Cannibalism, mutilation, and sacrifice are realistically and skillfully drawn with an amazing amount … Continue reading

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