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Mind-Blowing Illustrations by GuangYuan YU

These incredible illustrations are by GuangYuan YU, a talented artist from Hangzhou, China. Artstation / gracg  

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Artist Transforms Everyday Objects Into Spaceship Designs

Artist & Software engineer Eric Geusz takes inspiration from everything around him transforming common household objects into spectacular spaceship designs. “Spaceships are like dragons,” Eric told Bored Panda, “You are free to make them look however you want but how they make you feel is … Continue reading

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Spectacular Space Birthday Cake

“I wanted to make a galaxy/space cake that was space-y on the outside, but also space-y on the inside” Naushee, aka Pedagiggle, created a multi-layered spectacular space birthday cake for her 4-year-old son, Ilyas. This amazing cake in the outside features hand-painted … Continue reading

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View from a Comet

Remarkable footage captured by the ESA Rosetta mission to comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenk High Resolution Video File: https://archive.org/download/ViewComet/Comet.mov Sources: https://imagearchives.esac.esa.int/picture.php?/172727/category/410 to https://imagearchives.esac.esa.int/picture.php?/172648/category/410 Credits: ESA/Avi Solomon

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Dazzling Galaxies of Millions of Dots by Petra Kostova

Copenhagen-based graphic designer Petra Kostova (of Pet & Dot) creates marvelous galaxies composed of millions of stippled dots. “As the name indicates, in this project there is ME and a DOT. To be precise, it’s “dots”. Milions of them… The drawing process usually takes hours, … Continue reading

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Cosmic Love by Aykut Aydoğdu

This gorgeous surreal artworks with hidden meanings are by Istanbul-based artist and graphic designer Aykut Aydoğdu (previously). Facebook / Instagram / Behance

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Hubble Captures Vivid Auroras in Jupiter’s Atmosphere

Jupiter, the largest planet in the Solar System, is best known for its colourful storms, the most famous being the Great Red Spot. Now astronomers have focused on another beautiful feature of the planet, using the ultraviolet capabilities of the NASA/ESA … Continue reading

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Abandoned In Place: Preserving America’s Space History

Launch Ring,  Apollo Saturn Complex 34, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, 1990 These beautiful haunting images are by Chicago-born photographer Roland Miller. Miller has photographed the American Space Program for 25 years. His photographs are included in numerous permanent … Continue reading

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The Map of the Universe Known by Pablo Carlos Budassi

Musician and artist Pablo Carlos Budassi has created a massive spherical image of the entire known universe using images from NASA, complex logarithmic maps and Photoshop. “Then when I was drawing hexaflexagons for my sons birthday souvenirs, I started drawing central … Continue reading

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Mesmerizing Galaxies and Ethereal Flowers Encased in Glass by Satoshi Tomizu

Japanese glass artist Satoshi Tomizu created this series of little glass sphere (Space Glass) that seems to encase beautiful flowers and solar systems. Tomizu’s pendants are quite tiny, the planets in the center are made of opals and the glittering … Continue reading

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