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Spectacular Space Birthday Cake

“I wanted to make a galaxy/space cake that was space-y on the outside, but also space-y on the inside” Naushee, aka Pedagiggle, created a multi-layered spectacular space birthday cake for her 4-year-old son, Ilyas. This amazing cake in the outside features hand-painted … Continue reading

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Hubble Captures Vivid Auroras in Jupiter’s Atmosphere

Jupiter, the largest planet in the Solar System, is best known for its colourful storms, the most famous being the Great Red Spot. Now astronomers have focused on another beautiful feature of the planet, using the ultraviolet capabilities of the NASA/ESA … Continue reading

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Monochromatic GIFs by Carl Burton

“Digital artist and animator Carl Burton creates quick atmospheric GIFs that blend elements of science fiction and surrealism.” via [Colossal]

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The “Solar System” by Jian Guo aka Breathing

Mercury After his success with the recreation of Lord of the Rings series on glass painting style (previously),  freelance illustrator Jian Guo (a.k.a. Breathing) is back with another enchanting series, the “Solar System”. “I have been working as an artkiteture designer since my graduation, I work as a frelancer illustrator and designer in spare time. I searched inspritions from movies and games respectively and was invited to showcase my artworks on the Blizzard official website for several times as the most recognized inoffical illustrator related to World of Warcraft. I also attended the Blizzard Carnival in 2011 with invitation. In recent years, I have been immersed in creations of the glass painting style artworks among which the recreation of Lord of the Rings series won me many honors.” Jian … Continue reading

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David Bowie Returns to His Home Planet

“Citizens of earth unite in sadness this morning as they wake to discover David Bowie has returned to the faraway planet of his birth.”  

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Mesmerizing Galaxies and Ethereal Flowers Encased in Glass by Satoshi Tomizu

Japanese glass artist Satoshi Tomizu created this series of little glass sphere (Space Glass) that seems to encase beautiful flowers and solar systems. Tomizu’s pendants are quite tiny, the planets in the center are made of opals and the glittering … Continue reading

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8 Years

8 Earth years are roughly equal to 13 Venus years, meaning the two planets approximately trace out this pattern with 5-fold symmetry as they orbit the Sun. In The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown makes a big deal of the … Continue reading

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Planetary Glass Set

If you’re drinking water out of these glasses, chances are some of those water molecules are older than the solar system depicted on the glasses. A study whose results were published September 2014 in Nature found that 30-50% of the … Continue reading

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Science Facts About Space from IFLScience

Although it’s just the size of our moon, Europa may hold two to three times the volume of liquid water found in Earth’s oceans. Credit: Ted Stryk/JPL/NASA, via Science News Magazine. More info:http://bit.ly/17SGUmk Our Solar System has some pretty crazy … Continue reading

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Midnight Planétarium, the Astronomical Watch

via [Twisted Sifter] “Midnight Planétarium is an incredible timepiece that features six bejewelled planets in our solar system accurately rotating around our Sun. The watch was created by Van Cleef & Arpels in partnership with Christiaan van der Klaauw. After three years of work, Midnight … Continue reading

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