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Sp!n: the Spinning Top Koma with a Surprise Effect

This is Sp!n, the new spinning top from Japanese brand +d. Designed by Jordi Lopez Aguilo and made in Japan, the ‘KOMA’ spinning top creates an optical illusion of levitation and reveals an exclamation point when you spin it. Inspired by the atomic molecules … Continue reading

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Patrick Commecy Brings City Walls to Life

French street artist Patrick Commecy (with his team) uses trompe-l’œil to bring city walls to life. This technique, that was popular during the Baroque period, focuses on depicting realistic imagery and creating optical illusions of three dimensional objects. Commency has designed and produced … Continue reading

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Street Art Plus Optical Illusions, Artworks by Caiffa Cosimo aka CHEONE

Caiffa Cosimo, also known as CHEONE, is an italian street artist from Milan. His artworks interact with the surrounding environment in eye-catching optical illusions which combine walls and streets. Website via [Laughing Squid]

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Illusion Body Paintings by Natalie Fletcher

Recent winner of GSN’s “Skin Wars” Natalie Fletcher created this series of optical illusions on skin completely freehanded with an airbrush. Website / Facebook

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Lock, Poster and Shutters, the Optical Illusions of Pejac

The popular Spanish artist Pejac recently stopped by the city of Istanbul in Turkey and painted three new pieces “Lock, Poster and Shutters”. To create these three new trompe-l’œil pieces he uses brushes, pencils, acrylic paint and sand paper. He mentions the literal translation … Continue reading

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3D Illustrations Come Alive on the Page

Nagai Hideyuki continues to build an impressive profile and even shares some of his techniques on YouTube videos. Website / Facebook / Deviantart Nagai Hideyuki

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Geometric Projections of Lights and Colors by Chris Wood

A series of wall panels with optical projections which manipulate light in different ways to create transient patterns of colour light and shade that change with the angle and intensity of light. Dichroic glass: Dichroic (meaning two colour) is an optical … Continue reading

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BULBING, an Optical Illusion Versatile LED Lamp by Studio Cheha

Introducing BULBING, a 2D LED lamp that forces you to rethink your everyday objects and raise a smile. The designer at Studio Cheha, Nir Chehanowski works to preserve the old and the familiar and translate it into the “New World”. Bulbing is … Continue reading

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Three-Dimensional Paintings by Mad King (a.k.a. Jake Johanson)

Using metallic paints and multiple sheens of poly-acrylic sealer, the self-taught artist Mad King creates a truly mind-bending optical illusion paintings. “He starts by mapping out geometric shapes and repeat patterns, carefully positioning every element so as to successfully build … Continue reading

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Bees by Sarah Hatton

These hypnotic mandalas are crafted out by Canadian artist Sarah Hatton using thousands of dead honey bees. As she said: “The link between neonicotinoid pesticides and the worldwide decline of bee populations is a crisis that cannot be ignored. I … Continue reading

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