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Mesmerizing Portraits of Pop-Culture Icons Composed of Tiny Figures 

Craig Alan is an American artist famous for these mesmerizing portraits of pop-culture icons. Each artworks is composed of dozen (sometimes hundreds) tiny figures with their own identity and personality. Instagram via [BoredPanda]

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Miniature Paper Birds Challenge by Vaishali and Nayan

India-based paper cut artists Vaishali and Nayan are taking up the 365 days challenge of creating miniature birds using paper and watercolors for this entire year of 2018. “The concept of this miniatures is to express the intricacy & vibrance of the … Continue reading

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Photographer Discovers A Family Of Mice Living In His Garden and Builds Them A Miniature Village

Wildlife photographer Simon Dell from Sheffield, United Kingdom, bumped into a family of mice running around his garden, so he seized the opportunity to capture some beautiful photographs of these tiny little creatures. Dell built the mice a miniature village, a … Continue reading

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Miniture Embroidered Meals by Japanese Artist Ipnot

Japanese artist ipnot has spent years perfecting her hand-embroidery art and today creates “paintings” using just needles and yarn. While exploring the traditional craft herself, the artist discovered the ball-like French knot, her “favorite type of stitch.” “I choose a thread of … Continue reading

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Miniature Ink Drawings by Christian Watson

These tiny illustrations are by Christian Watson, illustrator and owner of 1924. Christian posts his own miniature ink drawings (that are often less than a half an inch tall) on his Instagram.  Instagram / 1924 via [Arch Atlas]

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Incredible Mini Sculptures Carved from Pencils

Chien Chu Lee is a talented and patient artist from Taiwan who meticulously carved these pencils into incredible detailed sculptures. In this incredible collection there is a recreation of the entire alphabet on a thin graphite refill for a mechanical … Continue reading

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Tiny Pencil Portraits by Ashish Patel

These intricately detailed tiny celebrity portraits are designed by Ashish Patel. His incredible works are made with superfine-tipped pencils that allow him to focus on every minute details. Website / Facebook / Instagram via [MyModMet]

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The Impeccable Detailed Paintings by Michael Zavros

Self portrait as saint with Sean O’pry/Versace, 2015, 120 x 90cm, Archival ink on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Michael Zavros (b.1974) is a leading Australian artist. His work has been exhibited in major museums throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe. … Continue reading

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365 Postcards for Ants by Lorraine Loots

365 Postcards for Ants is the second phase of a project which started on 1 January 2013, for which Lorraine Loots challenged herself to created a miniature painting every single day for the entire year. The project evolved and people started … Continue reading

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Small and Miniature Oil Paintings by Jessica Gardner

“My paintings are inspired by the places that I love; the woods, the ocean, and the Adirondack Mountains. I usually work from photographs that I’ve taken.” Jessica Gardner Etsy Shop via [SoSuperAwesome]

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