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Cristian Marianciuc Creates More Amazing Paper Cranes with Feathery Details

Since when paper artist Cristian Marianciuc achieved the ambitious objective to complete 1,000 origami cranes in 1,000 days (2015), his skills have improved day by day. These Marianciuc’s more recent cranes showcase his eye for detail, creative use of color, and imaginative approach to traditional origami. “I never … Continue reading

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Poem of the Day: from Kokoro by Natsume Soseki

“I often laughed, and you often gave me a dissatisfied look, till you pressed me to unfold my past before you as if it were a roll of pictures. It was then I felt respect for you. Because you unreservedly … Continue reading

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Delicate and Detailed Pattern Carved into Fruits and Vegetables by Takehiro Kishimoto

Japanese chef Takehiro Kishimoto shares in his Instagram account numerous examples of his amazing skill and inventive approach to food carving. Avocados, radishes, kiwis, carrots and cucumbers have been transformed into delicate ornate flowers and detailed patterns. The designs are often based on traditional … Continue reading

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Mythology, Fantasy & Sci-fi by Chun Lo

Chun Lo is an illustrator and concept artist living in Florida. He has been working in fields such as publishing, advertising, and gaming specializing in fantasy and sci-fi oriented illustrations along with creature design. His work explores themes of mythology, fantasy, … Continue reading

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Mysticism, Japanese Folklore and Mechanical Gears by Zeen Chin

Zeen Chin is a freelance illustrator and concept artist living in Kuala Lumpur. Each of his artworks is a suggestive embodiment of memories, mysticism, japanese folklore with a handful of those erotic women with mechanical gear. ArtStation /  Instagram  

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Japanese Handcrafted Hair Ornaments by Sakae

Based in Narita City, Japanese artist Sakae creates delicate hair ornaments known as kanzashi. In her hairpins, the artist incorporates a keen sense of fragility and the beauty of the Japanese palette. Each piece is hand-crafted from resin with a delicate brass wire around the edges. … Continue reading

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Architectural Sculptures Made from Dandelion Fluff by Yusuke Aonuma

These architectural sculptures are made from real dandelions (tanpopo, in Japanese) by Japanese artist Yusuke Aonuma . – Aonuma begins by harvesting the dandelions and drying them (…) He then “plants” them upright in acrylic slabs to form three-dimensional geometric and architectural shapes. … Continue reading

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Miniture Embroidered Meals by Japanese Artist Ipnot

Japanese artist ipnot has spent years perfecting her hand-embroidery art and today creates “paintings” using just needles and yarn. While exploring the traditional craft herself, the artist discovered the ball-like French knot, her “favorite type of stitch.” “I choose a thread of … Continue reading

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Monmon Cats by Kazuaki Horitomo

Kazuaki Horitomo is a California-based Japanese artist who has been tattooing for over twenty years and is well versed in Japanese tradition including tebori (a technique of tattooing by hand). This unique concept was born out of a combination of Horitomo’s two great … Continue reading

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Beautiful, Edible Compositions of Mosaic Sushi

image via natsuki_717 The Mosaic Sushi is a creative new food trend that involves the preparation of various different types of sushi and then cutting them in squares to create mosaic patterns. In Japan Mosaic Sushi began appearing on Instagram and … Continue reading

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