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Mysticism, Japanese Folklore and Mechanical Gears by Zeen Chin

Zeen Chin is a freelance illustrator and concept artist living in Kuala Lumpur. Each of his artworks is a suggestive embodiment of memories, mysticism, japanese folklore with a handful of those erotic women with mechanical gear. ArtStation /  Instagram  

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Book Conservator Nobuo Okano Repairs Tattered Books

For the past 33 years Japanese craftsman Okano Nobuo has been repairing tattered books and reconstituting them to look brand new. When a customer brought in an old Japanese-English dictionary that looked like it had been through a few wars, … Continue reading

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Japanese Handcrafted Hair Ornaments by Sakae

Based in Narita City, Japanese artist Sakae creates delicate hair ornaments known as kanzashi. In her hairpins, the artist incorporates a keen sense of fragility and the beauty of the Japanese palette. Each piece is hand-crafted from resin with a delicate brass wire around the edges. … Continue reading

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Architectural Sculptures Made from Dandelion Fluff by Yusuke Aonuma

These architectural sculptures are made from real dandelions (tanpopo, in Japanese) by Japanese artist Yusuke Aonuma . – Aonuma begins by harvesting the dandelions and drying them (…) He then “plants” them upright in acrylic slabs to form three-dimensional geometric and architectural shapes. … Continue reading

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Wonderful Pixel Based Visual Landscapes by Waneella

Wanella creates these stunning pixel artworks with an original combination of colour, squares and movement. With her skills and love for pixels, she shows us an original dynamic world. Tumblr / Patreon / Twitter

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Kyoto Winter Wonderland

Image via sugar9717 Take a look at some spectacular photographs of Kyoto covered in snow. Ginkakuji (photo by @_nanashina_) Kinkakuji (photo by ui_hii618love) Image via dianasip Image via Juezba Image via gentasekikawa Image via shiny_choi Fushimi Inari-taisha (photo by @mayu_sakurai11) … Continue reading

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Sola Cube Shop & Minerals as Beautiful Food

-An edible rock and mineral specimen meal that was offered last year- “3.8 billion years ago life began on earth. And over millions of years multicellular life evolved into land plants and forests. The colors and shapes of flowers, fruits … Continue reading

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Monmon Cats by Kazuaki Horitomo

Kazuaki Horitomo is a California-based Japanese artist who has been tattooing for over twenty years and is well versed in Japanese tradition including tebori (a technique of tattooing by hand). This unique concept was born out of a combination of Horitomo’s two great … Continue reading

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Get Lost in Kyoto With Yasuhiro Ogawa

Tokyo-based photographer Yasuhiro Ogawa shows us the true magic of Kyoto. For Ogawa, Kyoto is all about the colors that fill the city and as he said“It changes constantly.” Eight hundred years ago the Japanese poet Kamo no Chomei penned … Continue reading

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Striking Illustrations by Oleg Gert (part.2)

Oleg Gert is a highly skilled artist and illustrator from Moscow, Russian Federation. The great attention to detail and the wise use of colors are his signature. Website / Behance / Facebook

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