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Dreamlike and Surreal Creatures by Miranda Zimmerman (Faunwood)

Miranda Zimmerman a.k.a. Faunwood is a freelance artist who uses inspiration from transformations of nature and her background in science to create dreamlike and surreal creatures with multiple limbs, third eyes, and the ability to split into astral forms. Miranda graduated from California State University–Monterey Bay … Continue reading

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Insect Embroideries by Humayrah Bint Altaf

These intricate embroideries are the creations of Humayrah Bint Altaf, a talented artist from the UK, who stitches fabulously ornate insects and trees that incorporate gold twist cord, metallic beads, and other delicate materials. “I often wander through the woods near my … Continue reading

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Umwelt by Yoshiyuki Katayama

Umwelt is a time-lapse video by Japanese video designer and artist Yoshiyuki Katayama. via [Colossal]

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Imaginary Camouflaged Leaf Insects Painted by Takumi Kama

In Takumi Kama’s imagined future, when the natural environment has been completely destroyed, the leaf insects will have to evolve and change themselves to use mimicry to blend into their new surroundings. These imaginary insects have been painted with such … Continue reading

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5 Mysterious Structures from the World’s Smallest Architects

Bagworm moth larva (Psychidae) Singapore-based photographer Nicky Bay is the master of capturing the micro-world, photographing insects typically passed over without acknowledgement or recognition. “The rainforest is a giant trove of mysteries. When zooming into the micro world, I saw natural creations which … Continue reading

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Mimesis by Seb Janiak

Mimesis – Fecunditatis, 2014 Chromogenic print Format 180 x 180 cm (70,9 x 70,9 in) This series entitled Mimesis, a Greek word meaning imitation, was created by Paris-based fine art photographer Seb Janiak. By using the photography techniques of superimposition and photomontage (without digital manipulation) Janiak manipulated photos … Continue reading

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New Long-Exposure Photographs of Waitomo Glow Caves

I’ve already written about the Waitomo glow caves, but this new series of long-exposure photographs deserves an extra post. Luminosity is a series of long-exposure photographs by Joseph Michael in which the glow worms (Arachnocampa luminosa) were captured in their … Continue reading

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An Animated Chart of 42 North American Butterflies by Eleanor Lutz

From all butterflies species that you can find throughout North America, for her animated chart, Seattle-based designer Eleanor Lutz picked these 42 that she thought were the most colorful and unique. “I checked out six butterfly field guides from the … Continue reading

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Idolomantis diabolica aka Devil’s Flower Mantis or Giant Devil’s Flower Mantis

picture by Igor Siwanowicz Idolomantis diabolica, commonly known as the Devil’s Flower Mantis or Giant Devil’s Flower Mantis, is one of the largest species of praying mantis, possibly the largest that mimics flowers. It is the only species classified under the … Continue reading

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Biotop from Polygonia by Chaotic Atmospheres

“This is my second set for Neonmob. I had to choose for a subject who could lead to a lot of possible variations. I’ve always loved insects and I use them as subjects for macro photo for years now. So … Continue reading

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