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Wooden Dioramas Bring the Feel of Tokyo Alleys Into Your Bookshelf

These unique bookends bring the feel of a Japanese back alley into your home. A Tokyo-based, Japanese designer named monde has created by hand these wood inserts that reveal incredible miniature scene of the alleyways of Tokyo. The unique bookends were on display … Continue reading

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Sagyeong: Korean Traditional Illuminated Sutra

The term Sagyeong originates from two words- “Samadhi” and “Art”, where “Samadhi” refers to a meditative state of consciousness. This 1700-year old Korean tradition of sutra transcription and illumination by hand, was introduced in the early 4th century to spread the teachings … Continue reading

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Japanese Handcrafted Hair Ornaments by Sakae

Based in Narita City, Japanese artist Sakae creates delicate hair ornaments known as kanzashi. In her hairpins, the artist incorporates a keen sense of fragility and the beauty of the Japanese palette. Each piece is hand-crafted from resin with a delicate brass wire around the edges. … Continue reading

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Clever Handmade Animal Vases by Yoshiko Kozawa

Illinois-based artist and potter Yoshiko Kozawa of Studio Giverny creates these clever and adorable handmade animal vases . “I took my first ceramics class in 2010 as a college student, and I have been a student ever since! I stretch … Continue reading

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Yoshitoshi Kanemaki

Yoshitoshi Kanemaki is a Japanese sculptor based out of Chiba Prefecture who chisels these figurative sculptures from blocks of wood. Each piece conveys a complex and impressive array of human emotion.  Behance / Facebook  

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Contemporary Embroidery by Sarah K. Benning

Sarah K. Benning is an American fiber artist. Though Sarah’s formal training and background are in the fine arts, she is self-taught in the craft of embroidery.  She approaches each piece primarily as an illustration, often abandoning traditional stitches and … Continue reading

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Artist Skillfully Folds Single Sheets of Paper Into Expressive Origami Animals

“Origami extraordinaire Gonzalo Garcia Calvo meticulously crafts expressive and imaginative paper creatures. Using only his hands and a single, square sheet of colorful paper, the Madrid-based artist brings the animal kingdom to life through intricate folds.” via [MyModMet]

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New Giant Paper Flowers by Tiffanie Turner

San Francisco-based architect Tiffanie Turner (previously) hand-crafts large flowers out of delicate pieces of crepe paper. “The exploration of scale plays heavily into everything I do, and the organized chaos and rhythms in nature make the heads of flowers an … Continue reading

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Stunning Miniature Landscapes Encapsulated in Resin

These completely handmade rings are by Canadian jeweler Secret Wood. Each ring reveals wonderful places and scenery such as snow capped mountains, deep blue lagoons, enchanted forests, and stunning waterfalls. “All our rings are handmade using fresh wood and jewelry … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Embroidery and Vintage Scientific Illustrations Combined into These Hand-Crafted Notebooks

Athens-based artist Chara combines her love for embroidery and the passion for  Anatomy, Sciences, Japan and Nature into these unique embroidered notebooks. Chara is the owner of “Fabulous Cat” (Etsy shop) where every product is made to order. “I was … Continue reading

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