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“Puzzle Ball Theater” Architects Pays Homage to 19th-Century Chinese Puzzle Balls

London-based Steven Chilton Architects (SCA) has designed this stunning theater as entry for a competition. SCA takes its inspiration from ancient Chinese ivory puzzle balls, intricately carved artifacts made of concentric spheres carved from a single piece of ivory. Each sphere,  freely rotating, has open carving, and to … Continue reading

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Wooden Heels Hand-Carved with Ancient Vietnamese Pagoda Techniques

Fashion4Freedom takes liberty in translating the timeless beauty of ancient Vietnamese wood art through the lens of modern luxury. “We offer high-end jewelry and shoes that are handcrafted by artisans. Every product is ethically produced as our main focus is … Continue reading

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Gourd Lamps Fully Handcrafted by Przemek Krawczyński

These lamps are made of gourd (calabash) by Polish artist Przemek Krawczyński. Each lamp is fully handcrafted, beginning with initial sketches, outlining and charting the pattern, through the gourd processing, like cleaning, engraving, carving, perforating, painting and protecting, creating the base of … Continue reading

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Architectural Structures Carved into Blocks of Marble by Matthew Simmonds

‘The sculptures of Matthew Simmonds give us a direct experience of our being in the present, through a love of the past transmitted in marble and light. From his early childhood, Simmonds was fascinated by stone buildings, an affection that … Continue reading

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Memento by Gregory Halili

Born and raised in the Philippines, Gregory Halili created Memento, a series of skulls hand carved and painted with oil on raw, gold-lip and black-lip Philippine mother-of-pearl. Facebook / NancyHoffmanGallery via [Moshita]

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