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Dolophones conifera, aka the Wrap-around spider

Dolophones conifera, known as the Wrap-around spider, is a species of spider in the family Araneidae indigenous to Australia. It is named for its ability to flatten and wrap its body around tree limbs as camouflage. The upper surface of the abdomen resembles a cone shaped shield. It is composed mostly of … Continue reading

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Imaginary Camouflaged Leaf Insects Painted by Takumi Kama

In Takumi Kama’s imagined future, when the natural environment has been completely destroyed, the leaf insects will have to evolve and change themselves to use mimicry to blend into their new surroundings. These imaginary insects have been painted with such … Continue reading

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Liu Bolin, The Invisible Man

Liu Bolin aka “The Invisible Man” paints himself to disappear into the background. His camouflages address important sociopolitical issues, the series “Hiding in the City” (in 2005)  “after the Chinese police destroyed Suo Jia Cun, the Beijing artists’ village in which … Continue reading

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Just a Moth?

At first sight this may seem like a simple illustration of a Pandora Sphinx moth, but if you take a closer look at it you’ll realize that there is a woman camouflaged as a part of the moth. If you … Continue reading

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