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Sagyeong: Korean Traditional Illuminated Sutra

The term Sagyeong originates from two words- “Samadhi” and “Art”, where “Samadhi” refers to a meditative state of consciousness. This 1700-year old Korean tradition of sutra transcription and illumination by hand, was introduced in the early 4th century to spread the teachings … Continue reading

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Mummy Found Hiding Inside Ancient Buddha Statue

During routine restoration, researchers discovered a surprise hidden in an ancient gold-painted Chinese Buddha statue: a mummy hidden inside. The mummy was once the Buddhist monk Liuquan, according to text found with the statue. Researchers then used radioactive isotopes of … Continue reading

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Buddha Pears

Fruit Mould Co., Ltd specialized in creating one of a kind, high quality fruit and vegetable molds to transform regular fruits into wacky and weird shapes that you’ve never seen before. All molds are manufactured in China and are distributed … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Buddha! The Lotus Lantern Festival

The Yeon Deung Hoe Lotus Lantern Festival is a modern-day annual tradition that offers visitors the chance to experience Buddhist culture that has been celebrated for more than a thousand years on the peninsula. The main event of the festival … Continue reading

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