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6 Ruined Castles Across the UK Before Falling Into Disrepair

Dunluce Castle (County Antrim, Northern Ireland) Wandering through ancient ruins of the United Kingdom your imagination begins to wonder about the history of the place, the people who lived there and all the architectural details that have been lost. With the … Continue reading

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“Puzzle Ball Theater” Architects Pays Homage to 19th-Century Chinese Puzzle Balls

London-based Steven Chilton Architects (SCA) has designed this stunning theater as entry for a competition. SCA takes its inspiration from ancient Chinese ivory puzzle balls, intricately carved artifacts made of concentric spheres carved from a single piece of ivory. Each sphere,  freely rotating, has open carving, and to … Continue reading

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Sicily by Dimitar Karanikolov

Dimitar Karanikolov is an architect with a passion for travel and aerial photography. Previously, in “MYANMAR Temples from Above”, a series of aerial photos, Dimitar captured the beauty of Buddhist temples in Bagan, Yangon, and Mandalay. In this new series … Continue reading

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Mental Illnesses Architecturally Interpreted by Federico Babina

In this new series by Italian illustrator Federico Babina, the artist explores some of the more common mental illness through a visual representation in 16 drawings. Archiatric gives an architectural and artistic voice to psychological disorders like depression, paranoia, anxiety, and … Continue reading

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Magical Photos of Abu Dhabi Wrapped in Fog

Khalid Al Hammadi is a Chemical Engineer – Cityscape & Architecture Photographer based in Abu Dhabi. His stunning photography seeks not only to capture Abu Dhabi’s architecture, but also its soul. “The fog always appears in a different form and color, … Continue reading

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China Opens World’s Coolest Library With 1.2 Million Books

MVRDV and Tianjin Urban Planning and Design Institute (TUPDI) have completed Tianjin Binhai Library as part of a larger masterplan to provide a cultural district for the city. The 33,700m2 cultural centre featuring a luminous spherical auditorium and floor-to-ceiling cascading … Continue reading

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Subways by Nick Frank

“Arrivals, departures, meetings, the clash of different people… Subway stations are more than just a central location for travelers. In fact, they represent the lively background for everyday life and drama while offering intimate insight: first a heartbreaking farewell, then … Continue reading

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Picturesque Tree House Getaway Located in a Field of Lavender in Italy

Suite Blue, part of Hotel La Piantata, is a picturesque tree house designed by La Cabane Perchée. Located  in a scenic lavender field in Arlena di Castro, Italy, this accommodation is situated eight meters (26 feet) above the ground. With 44 … Continue reading

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Paperholm Keeps Growing

Paperholm began in August 2014 as a daily project by artist Charles Young (previously).  One new object is designed, made, photographed and uploaded each day.  All of the models are made using 200gsm watercolour paper and PVA glue. This method … Continue reading

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