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Mesmerizing GIFs of Sinusoidal Waves by Étienne Jacob

Étienne Jacob is a young French student of applied mathematics: machine learning, computer vision, and image/sound processing.  He produces black and white GIFs that transform the curvature found in sinusoidal waves into a multitude of experimental forms. “The animated spheres imitate the appearance … Continue reading

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Ferro by Norte Estudio

A menacing storm on a mountainous wasteland. A lone boat sways slowly in the middle of a lake. A shot breaks the silence in a deep forest . Someone lies dead on the cold snow… ‘ Ferro’ is the first … Continue reading

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The Sailor Scout, Fantasy RPG set by Sasha Mutch

Have you ever wondered what the Sailor Moon characters would look like if they were a typical Fantasy RPG set? You know; a paladin, a rogue, a wizard, ranger and so forth? The Story Artist, Animator, and Illustrator Sasha Mutch did. via [geeknative]

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Enchanting Folkloristic Illustrations and Animations by Alexandra Dvornikova

These enchanting folkloristic illustrations and animations are by London-based artist Alexandra Dvornikova. Native of Saint Petersburg (Russia), Alexandra found inspiration from nature, wilderness, and folktale. Tumblr / Instagram /  Society6

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Literally Magical GIFs by Kamille A.

Literally magical animations by Philippine freelance artist, illustrator, and animator Kamille A. a.k.a. Kami a.k.a karekareo. Behance / Patreon / Instagram / Website  

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Wonderful Pixel Based Visual Landscapes by Waneella

Wanella creates these stunning pixel artworks with an original combination of colour, squares and movement. With her skills and love for pixels, she shows us an original dynamic world. Tumblr / Patreon / Twitter

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Crown by Gerrel Saunders

“In some black communities there’s still a stigma that kinky or coarse hair is “bad”, which couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s no such thing as good or bad when describing someone’s natural hair texture or type. To those … Continue reading

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Full Trailer for “Loving Vincent” the World’s First Feature-Length Painted Animation

The full trailer for Loving Vincent, a feature-length film animated by 62,450 Oil Paintings, has finally been released after nearly six years of creative development. Loving Vincent is an investigation delving into the life and controversial death of Vincent Van … Continue reading

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Andante, Animated Characters on the Piano to Visualize Musical Motion

“Andante” by MIT’s Tangible Media Group is an exploration in musical motion, intended to visualize the bodily experience and natural rhythms of music. Andante visualizes as animated characters walking along the piano keyboard that appear to play the physical keys with each step. Based on … Continue reading

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Monochromatic GIFs by Carl Burton

“Digital artist and animator Carl Burton creates quick atmospheric GIFs that blend elements of science fiction and surrealism.” via [Colossal]

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