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Folklore, Occult and Contemporary Design in TrueBlack Tarot by Arthur Wang

TrueBlack Tarot is a gorgeous, luxe tarot deck by Arthur Wang. Illustrated in a style that refuses to be placed in any specific era or time, each card emerges from the darkness a story in itself, embodied in a painting that … Continue reading

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Bökh by Ken Hermann – Gem Fletcher

“Bökh was shot in the Grasslands on Inner Mongolia, an area of Northern China that has a strong Mongolian population. The Grasslands are vast open spaces that run from the mountains of Inner Mongolia to the border of Outer Mongolia … Continue reading

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The Oldest Surviving Written Melody in History

The oldest surviving written melody so far discovered in History which can actually be reconstructed, was Hurrian Hymn Text H6. The musical notation for this amazing 3400 year old melody, was discovered in Ugarit, Northern Canaan (now forming the Southern part … Continue reading

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The Magical Mythological Tattoos by Faus­tine Tar­masz

Faus­tine Tar­masz (aka Tarmasz) is a tattoo artist from Paris, France. Her unique style combines mythology and ancient arts in permanent artworks on skin. From paper to skin, Tarmasz never disappoints. Society6 / Instagram

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Mummy Found Hiding Inside Ancient Buddha Statue

During routine restoration, researchers discovered a surprise hidden in an ancient gold-painted Chinese Buddha statue: a mummy hidden inside. The mummy was once the Buddhist monk Liuquan, according to text found with the statue. Researchers then used radioactive isotopes of … Continue reading

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