Song of the Day: Yuve Yuve Yu by The Hu Band

The Hu Band is a brand new music project from Mongolian. The concept and the vision of this band is to create a brand new musical genre called “Hunnu Rock”.

This remarkable song titled ” Yuve Yuve Yu” evokes pride in Mongolian nomadic culture but it’s also a criticism of today’s Mongolian society.

Official Lyrics Translation:

It has been so long eating and drinking
being merry
How strange, How strange

Taking our Great Mongol ancestors names in vain
How strange, How strange

Yet, would not honor our oath and destiny
How strange, How strange

Why the valuable ethics of ancestors become worthless?
How strange, How strange

Hey you traitor! Kneel down!
Hey, Prophecies be declared!

You’ve born in ancestor’s fate yet
Sleeping deeply, can’t be awakened
How strange, How strange

Blindly declaring that
Only Mongols are the best
How strange, How strange

Born to live as nobles
Yet, can’t unite as one
How strange, How strange

Why is difficult to rise up our nation?
How strange, How strange

Hey you traitor! Kneel down!
Hey, Prophecies be declared!

Why it’s so hard to cherish the Ancestor’s inherited land?
How strange, How strange

Why priceless edifications of elders turning to ashes?
How strange, How strange

With the future of eternal prosperity,
The Wolf totemed Mongols have the blessings of Heaven

Born with undeniable fate to gather nations, the Lord Chinggis declares his name on earth.
Would come back, Will come back.

Oh Black Banner be awakened, be awakened
Oh the Khanate (royal power) rise and rise forever.
How strange, How strange

Oh Black Banner be awakened, be awakened
Oh the Khanate (royal power) rise and rise forever.


The name of this band, “Hu”, is a root word for intellectual human being in Mongolian language.
For example:
Hu – root word
Hun – a person
Huu – child (can be both boy or girl)
Humuun – human

In a radio interview with the producer of this band explained how he is trying to create a brand new musical genre called “Hunnu Rock”, that combines traditional elements of Mongolian music with rock sound.

We worked on this project for seven years, and in September last year we invented the hunnu rock style“.

GALA  (TS.Galbadrakh) : the Hu Band Morin khuur player, Lead throat singer.

ENKHUSH (B.Enkhsaikhan) : the Hu Band Lead Morin khuur player, throat singer.

JAYA (G.Nyamjantsan) : the Hu Band tumur khuur (jew’s harp) player, throat singer.

TEMKA (N.Temuulen) : The Hu Band tovshuur player.

Facebook / YoutubeInstagram



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Artist Transforms Everyday Objects Into Spaceship Designs

Artist & Software engineer Eric Geusz takes inspiration from everything around him transforming common household objects into spectacular spaceship designs.

Spaceships are like dragons,” Eric told Bored Panda, “You are free to make them look however you want but how they make you feel is the most important.”

Trying to come up with an original yet familiar design is definitely the hardest part,” Eric added. “There are so many good designs out there to pull inspiration from but I also try to find something unique. I make many sketches, sometimes starting completely over before I settle on something good.

Artstation / Instagram


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“Puzzle Ball Theater” Architects Pays Homage to 19th-Century Chinese Puzzle Balls

London-based Steven Chilton Architects (SCA) has designed this stunning theater as entry for a competition.

SCA takes its inspiration from ancient Chinese ivory puzzle balls, intricately carved artifacts made of concentric spheres carved from a single piece of ivory. Each sphere,  freely rotating, has open carving, and to solve the puzzle, the balls need to be rotated until all the holes are aligned.

Revered for their beauty, mystery and inherent mastery, they are the embodiment of the qualities and characteristics the architecture aspires to evoke,” explained the architect.

The proposed Puzzle Ball Theater will have a main entrance built up from offset circular openings to provide the illusion of the multiple spheres embedded within one another.

The asymmetric, overlapping patterns of the panels will form geometric designs that will be carved to reference local wooden window shutters and to allow daylight to filter into the lobby.

Website / Facebook / Instagram

via [MyModMet] [dezeen]

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Delicate and Detailed Pattern Carved into Fruits and Vegetables by Takehiro Kishimoto

Japanese chef Takehiro Kishimoto shares in his Instagram account numerous examples of his amazing skill and inventive approach to food carving.
Avocados, radishes, kiwis, carrots and cucumbers have been transformed into delicate ornate flowers and detailed patterns.
The designs are often based on traditional Japanese patterns, his works are a combination of  Thai fruit carving and the Japanese art of decorative garnishing, or Mukimono.

via [Colossal]

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Song of the Day: Humans Are Such Easy Prey by Perturbator

Track #8 from Perturbator “Dangerous Days,” released via Blood Music (Finland/USA).
Perturbator is the stage name of James Kent, a French electronic musician from Paris.

[sampled dialogue from the movie Terminator]
“It can’t be bargained with,
it can’t be reasoned with,
it doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear,
and it absolutely will not stop, ever!
Until you are dead!”


“Kent has a background as a guitarist in several black metal bands. Since 2012, he has produced electronic music inspired by cyberpunk culture and with inspiration from movies like Akira, Ghost In The Shell and The Running Man. He uses a variety of software synths in his productions, such as the emulators of old vintage synths like the OB-X or the CS-80.” Wikipedia

Image result for Perturbator

Birth name James Kent
Origin Paris, France
Genres Electronic, synthwave, industrial
Years active 2012–present
Labels Blood Music
Associated acts L’Enfant De La Forêt, GosT, Dan Terminus, Carpenter Brut
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Photographer Discovers A Family Of Mice Living In His Garden and Builds Them A Miniature Village

Wildlife photographer Simon Dell from Sheffield, United Kingdom, bumped into a family of mice running around his garden, so he seized the opportunity to capture some beautiful photographs of these tiny little creatures.

Dell built the mice a miniature village, a home made up of old fruit, vegetables, and props from around his house, and they repaid him by posing in front of his camera.

“I was out one day just taking photos of the birds in the garden and having just cut the grass I noticed something moving on the ground,” Simon told Bored Panda. “I pointed my camera at the ground and was shocked but very happy to see a very cute little house mouse standing up just like a meerkat in the fresh cut grass.”

“I knew instantly he was a star and ran back inside to get a couple of peanuts to put down for him. Sitting there, waiting, it was only minutes before he came back out for the treats.”

“I had a bit of experience taking photos of wildlife and mice as I also had another mouse that used to live in my garden shed and only come out after dark. He was a wood mouse and we named him Stuart.”

“At first there was just the one mouse. He had a cut in his ear and we called him George. I piled some small logs around a box as a home for the mouse and covered it with moss and straw to give him a little shelter.”

You can read more about it on Bored Panda.

The Photography of Simon Dell / George the Mouse in a log pile house


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Dolophones conifera, aka the Wrap-around spider

Dolophones conifera, known as the Wrap-around spider, is a species of spider in the family Araneidae indigenous to Australia. It is named for its ability to flatten and wrap its body around tree limbs as camouflage. The upper surface of the abdomen resembles a cone shaped shield. It is composed mostly of a series of roughly circular discs each with a small slit in the centre. The lower surface of the abdomen is curved. These spiders rest during the day and build large vertical orb webs at night.

It is found in Western Australia along with several other species from the genus Dolophones, and was first described in 1886.

 Photo: Robert Whyte

via [] [wikipedia]

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Mystical Mysterious Illustrations by Atenebris


Maria Zolotukhina, a.k.a. Atenebris, is a young and talented illustrator from Krasnoyarsk, Russia.
Her oniric artworks are always filled with tiny details, mysterious symbols, and stories untold.

Deviantart / Instagram / Facebook / ArtStation

there are no stars here






High Hopes

geese demons


the verge of the abyss – collab with  reykat


in the way




The Door

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Folktale Week Magical Illustrations by Carole Chevalier

French freelance designer and illustrator, Carole Chevalier has created these seven illustrations for the Folktale Week challenge on Instagram.
Carole has invented her own little tales for each one of them.

“I’m so pleased I did this challenge as I loved every bit of the process and it really pushed me out of my comfort zone.” Carole Chevalier

Website / Behance / Instagram

If you’d like to work with her, send an email at :

Above: Deep Innocent Dreams – The great snake up in the sky is the guardian of the innocent dreams. Twisted around the moon, he surveys the virtuous souls and sweeps the bad thoughts away. It’s hard to find great animals like him because many of his fellow creatures vanished over time. If you see him in your dreams, don’t forget to say thank you.

The Infinite MirrorLook into the infinite mirror and you’ll be forever lost in the abyss of the universe and its many faces. Through fascinating, only the most powerful of us will be able to understand and decrypt the un-decryptable. And only the breavest will be able to return from the infinite, but forever changed.

Master MantisMaster Mantis is a praying mantis. He’s very valuable to the wizard living in the forest and his powers haven’t all yet been discovered. Nobody knows Master Mantis’ age but he claims that he there when age of wizards and witches began. You can try and ask him if you’d like, but good luck finding him amongst the pile of leaves he lives in.

The Roaming GhostShe doesn’y know for sure why she roams between the trees at night, but the animals following her steps have calming affect on her, One day, she might go further than the old talking tree. But not today. She’s not quite ready yet.

The Night WitchShe’s fierce and very clever, but she’s still learning and making mistakes with her elaborate spells. Don’t try and cross this witch, born from the spirit of vila and a teardrop from the moon, she might turn you into something very… unnatural.

The Magical CauldronWho knows what comes out of this mysterious cauldron? Some say the smoke coming from it put into a deep sleep, others that just smelling the fumes from the potion brewing will break your heart to pieces. Only the witch knows, and she might whisper her secrets to the young fox, guardian of the mountains.

The Enchanted ForestOnly one wizard lives in this extraordinary forest in harmony with all the enchanted birds. Sometimes at night, he watches them doing their beautiful parade against the dark sky glistening with stars.

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Wooden Dioramas Bring the Feel of Tokyo Alleys Into Your Bookshelf

These unique bookends bring the feel of a Japanese back alley into your home.
A Tokyo-based, Japanese designer named monde has created by hand these wood inserts that reveal incredible miniature scene of the alleyways of Tokyo.

The unique bookends were on display at Design Festa, which is a Tokyo-based arts and craft event.
About the enthusiastic reception his project is receiving, monde said to BuzzFeed Japan “It was the first time that the work had echoed so far. I made a thing that I would like to make in a small way, not only in Japan, but also for people overseas such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada,

If you’re interested in purchasing the alley-inspired items, monde is taking orders for customers who would like their own “back alley bookshelf”, DM on Twitter.

via [MyModMet]

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