DreamWorks Characters Humanized by Tamara Petrosyan aka CrazyTom

Enjoy these brilliant DreamWorks (and others) fanart-humanization by Russia-based artist Tamara Petrosyan aka CrazyTom.

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Marie Antoinette by Jen Yoon

This approach to Marie Antoinette’s biography by Illustrator Jen Yoon is a brillant juxtaposition of cause and consequence in mirrored, balanced compositions.


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The Beauty of Buddhist Temples of Myanmar from Above

MYANMAR Temples from Above” is a series of aerial photos taken by London-based architect and photographer Dimitar Karanikolov.
A new original bird’s-eye view of the beauty of Buddhist temples in Bagan, Yangon, and Mandalay.

Instagram / Behance / Facebook

via [MyModMet]

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Mesmerizing GIFs of Sinusoidal Waves by Étienne Jacob

Étienne Jacob is a young French student of applied mathematics: machine learning, computer vision, and image/sound processing.  He produces black and white GIFs that transform the curvature found in sinusoidal waves into a multitude of experimental forms.

“The animated spheres imitate the appearance of mutating microbes or fiery stars, yet tend to remain in a 2D plane. Jacob recently experimented with programming his GIFs to appear more 3D, like in the work below which features a black sphere fighting to keep its position in a strong current.

Jacob has published all of his animations to his Tumblr, Necessary Disorder since January 2017, and provides tutorials for how to create these GIFs on his blog. You can view more of the applied mathematics student’s work on his Twitter.”  via [Colossal]


TumblrNecessary DisorderTwitter / BlogBehance

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The Heavenly Illustrations of Angela Wang

“St. Peter” – Stories of his method of crucifixion inspired this piece. – [sanctus]

Angela Wang, aka aw anqi, is an illustrator living and working on one of the continental Americas.
Each artwork of her gallery has something mesmerizing and interesting; composition, color scheme, everything is perfectly combined in her own original style.

Website / Twitter / Deviantart / Instagram Behance / Artstation

“Lucifer” – A transition from an angel to the devil.

03The Heavenly Illustrations of Angela Wang“St. Joan of Arc” – Visited by three saints, Joan was compelled to serve her king and God.

“St. Michael” – St. Michael trampling Satan, as in the Book of Revelation. The text comes from the Vulgate of the same chapter.

“St. Sebastian” – Martyr, shot through with arrows.

“Demetrios of Thessaloniki” – A military saint of the Orthodox. Often seen with St. George

“St. Denis” – First bishop of Paris, patron saint of France. Martyred by beheading.

“Love Transcends” – for a fanbook, eros and psyche myth


10The Heavenly Illustrations of Angela Wang“Announcer” – Gabriel

11The Heavenly Illustrations of Angela Wang“in memoriam” – for a friend of mine.

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Poem of the Day: Si un día (If one day) by Gabriel García Márquez

If one day you want to cry, you call me:
I don’t promise that I will make you laugh, but I can cry with you…
If one day you manage to escape, don’t hesitate to call me:
I don’t promise to ask you to stay, but I can run away with you…
If one day you don’t want to talk to anyone, call me:
we will remain quiet…
But if one day you call me and I will not answer, come running to me:
because I will definitely need you!

— Original —

Si un día tendrás ganas de llorar me llamas:
no prometo de hacerte reír pero podré llorar contigo…
Si un día lograrás huir, no titubees a llamarme:
no prometes de preguntarte de quedar, pero podré huir contigo…
Si un día no tendrás ganas de hablar con nadie, llámame:
estaremos en silencio…
Pero si un día me llamarás y no contestaré, vienes corriendo de mí:
¡porque de alguno tendré de ti!

image by Silvia Pelissero aka agnes-cecile

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Paper Animal Sculptures by Lisa Lloyd

Lisa Lloyd is a freelance designer and illustrator with 18 years experience in commercial design work.

“I find the greatest inspiration for my work comes from nature. I love the patterns, symmetry, colour, geometry and texture. I love the detail. I then try to give it a modern twist, taking inspiration from the design world- such as fashion, interiors and graphic design.”

Website Instagram

via [colossal]


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Ferro by Norte Estudio

A menacing storm on a mountainous wasteland. A lone boat sways slowly in the middle of a lake. A shot breaks the silence in a deep forest . Someone lies dead on the cold snow…

‘ Ferro’ is the first personal project from Norte Estudio. A dream trip to an exotic landscape of Scandinavian reminiscences but it is also anomalous and threatening, a place made up of foreign matter in constant movement that challenges the laws of gravity.

Macking Off: vimeo.com/166191153

Concept, Design and Direction: Norte Estudio
Sound Design: Nil Ciuró
Thanks to: LaVisual & Marçal Vaquer

Website / Behance / Vimeo / Instagram / Facebook

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The Sailor Scout, Fantasy RPG set by Sasha Mutch

Have you ever wondered what the Sailor Moon characters would look like if they were a typical Fantasy RPG set? You know; a paladin, a rogue, a wizard, ranger and so forth? The Story Artist, Animator, and Illustrator Sasha Mutch did.

via [geeknative]

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Jani Ylinampa Photographed a Finnish Island Across Different Seasons

Finnish landscape photographer Jani Ylinampa photographed Kotisaari Island across four seasons in order to show its year-round beauty.

The first time I took the photo of the island was in summer 2015 and I published it on my Instagram account in spring 2016,” Ylinampa tells to My Modern Met. “It went viral soon afterward and was shared on countless accounts on social media. That’s when I got the idea of taking photos of each season.”

Ylinampa hopes that his pictures demonstrate that Lapland is more than just a winter wonderland. “There’s so much to experience especially during summer and autumn, with the midnight sun and the autumn northern lights; they’re better when there is yet no snow on the ground to reflect light.”

Facebook / Instagram / 500px

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