Photographer Takes Stunning Photos of Himself Petting his Dog Wherever He Goes

Tired Of #FollowMeTo Instagram Pics?

Freelance photographer Honza Řeháček combines his passions for adventures in to the wild, photography, and his four-year-old Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Sitka, to creates these series of amazing photos.

Honza and Sitka have been travelling around the Czech Republic and Poland taking some super cute photos that became a better version of #FollowMeTo trend.

Honza said to Metro: “I used to work three jobs to keep my photography dream alive.”

“At some points I lived in a caravan I would only eat bread, but I always made sure Sitka was well fed.

“I promised him that he will live the best life a dog could possibly live, because he completely changed my life.”

“The most beautiful moments I’ve experienced in the days I’ve had the last few pennies in my pocket.”

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