Miniature Paper Birds Challenge by Vaishali and Nayan

India-based paper cut artists Vaishali and Nayan are taking up the 365 days challenge of creating miniature birds using paper and watercolors for this entire year of 2018.

“The concept of this miniatures is to express the intricacy & vibrance of the birds around us. We used the technique of layered paper cutting to give volume to the artworks and get a three-dimensional feel to them.”

Each artworks has different layers that are traced from the sketch, precisely hand cut and painted with watercolors. Every single bird takes from 4-8 hours to complete depending on the detail, some of the tiniest paper birds measure only 1.8 cm in height.

“Through our art we want to share the beauty and significance of these birds. We hope that people will understand the importance of birds and will help to save them.

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via [BoredPanda]

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