Folktale Week Magical Illustrations by Carole Chevalier

French freelance designer and illustrator, Carole Chevalier has created these seven illustrations for the Folktale Week challenge on Instagram.
Carole has invented her own little tales for each one of them.

“I’m so pleased I did this challenge as I loved every bit of the process and it really pushed me out of my comfort zone.” Carole Chevalier

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Above: Deep Innocent Dreams – The great snake up in the sky is the guardian of the innocent dreams. Twisted around the moon, he surveys the virtuous souls and sweeps the bad thoughts away. It’s hard to find great animals like him because many of his fellow creatures vanished over time. If you see him in your dreams, don’t forget to say thank you.

The Infinite MirrorLook into the infinite mirror and you’ll be forever lost in the abyss of the universe and its many faces. Through fascinating, only the most powerful of us will be able to understand and decrypt the un-decryptable. And only the breavest will be able to return from the infinite, but forever changed.

Master MantisMaster Mantis is a praying mantis. He’s very valuable to the wizard living in the forest and his powers haven’t all yet been discovered. Nobody knows Master Mantis’ age but he claims that he there when age of wizards and witches began. You can try and ask him if you’d like, but good luck finding him amongst the pile of leaves he lives in.

The Roaming GhostShe doesn’y know for sure why she roams between the trees at night, but the animals following her steps have calming affect on her, One day, she might go further than the old talking tree. But not today. She’s not quite ready yet.

The Night WitchShe’s fierce and very clever, but she’s still learning and making mistakes with her elaborate spells. Don’t try and cross this witch, born from the spirit of vila and a teardrop from the moon, she might turn you into something very… unnatural.

The Magical CauldronWho knows what comes out of this mysterious cauldron? Some say the smoke coming from it put into a deep sleep, others that just smelling the fumes from the potion brewing will break your heart to pieces. Only the witch knows, and she might whisper her secrets to the young fox, guardian of the mountains.

The Enchanted ForestOnly one wizard lives in this extraordinary forest in harmony with all the enchanted birds. Sometimes at night, he watches them doing their beautiful parade against the dark sky glistening with stars.

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