United States of Purple – Nothing to See

This is part of an ongoing photographic series by Tim Tadder where his imagery becomes a reflection of his personal frustration with the current political landscape in the United States.

While I am liberal, in this project I take no sides but rather try to raise the question, has truth and equality been replaced with deception and division?

Tim Tadder collaborated with various models with Alopecia such as Jeane Turner, Kailiasa, and Courtney V; so the series took on an even deeper meaning, to embrace Alopecia and raise awareness for others. They are hoping that through their shared art they can raise awareness for this common disease.

Discover more about this project here: Heather Elder’s Notes from a Reps Journal blog

Models: @jeanaturner @kailiasa and @courtneyv_21 on instagram
Digital Artist: @mikecampau and @alexeyadamitsky
Makeup: @lana_chromium
Post Production: Pratik Naik @solsticeretouch

 InstagramWebsite / Behance

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