Diamond Art Magic by Angie Crabtree

These modern and beautiful paintings are by Angie Crabtree.

Angie fell in love with diamonds after painting her first, at 60 inches tall, for an exhibition about “Luxury” in San Francisco in 2013. She fell in love with gems and their geometric patterns, and quit her job as a high school art teacher in 2015 to paint diamond portraits full-time.

“First, I study the diamond and create a small scale drawing to map out the facets.” The artist said to Gem Hunt  “Once I have a clear vision, I redraw it on the canvas and begin painting each facet from left to right in monochromatic tones.

All of my pieces are painted large and intricately, with much attention to the faceting, reflections and colors that make diamonds so mesmerizing. When I paint them, my fascination with geometry, kaleidoscopes, mandalas and mudras is brought to the surface. I lose myself in the repetition and patterns, and use both symmetry and asymmetry to maintain the balance.

Each layer takes 1-2 weeks to dry, so Angie rotates between 10-15 pieces at a time. Painted in oil on canvas, Angie uses a classical glazing technique to create a stained-glass effect, reminiscent of 17th century royalty portraiture.

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