Arco Magno

Arco Magno is a famous beach located between the border north of San Nicola Arcella, Tyrrhenian Coast near Scalea in the province of Cosenza, Italy, and the area south of Praia a Mare.

With its unique position in a rocky cove and surrounded on all sides by spectacular cliffs, Arco Magno is well known for its extraordinary natural arch that was created in the rock carved probably by sea, making its way toward a small beach. To reach this spectacular beach you must scale a staircase and venture over the rocky headland, along a path carved into the rock wall immediately behind the beach, from here you can enjoy an extraordinary viewpoint.

“Continuing a little ‘down the path, you come right over the Arco Magno, go further it is to open the eyes and the soul of the sensations even more amazing, the view opens up as image heavenly, unspoilt coastline of a natural beauty, made of sea, a sea bathed by the rays of the sun with its incessant sway sinuous shape of the beaches and enchanting, enriched by huge rock masses among them are obtained details and sensitive areas where you can sunbathe in peace accompanied by a sweet melody that comes from the spray foamy waters wind their way through the rocks.” beachoo

A huge rock wall with a single front opening whose size allow small boats to get to the beach and on its side the cave Arco Magno, within which there is a fresh water spring.

via [explore-calabria]

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