Cyberpunk and Neon-Noir Streets of Hong Kong and Tokyo by Photographer Zaki Abdelmounim

These photography series by Moroccan photographer Zaki Abdelmounim, are an all-out assault on your senses.

Offering a strong immersive cyberpunk experience, in his photographs of Hong Kong and Tokyo Abdelmounim plays with various styles of color grading techniques, that shifted from cyberpunk/vaporwave like colors, to dark-noir and cinematic tones, in order to communicate different moods of these scenes.

The projects came from a fascination with fictional cyberpunk and neon-noir worlds, and a feeling of urgency to live and conjure images of these vibes from our real world,” Abdelmounim tells My Modern Met.It’s the juxtaposition of a different era and the present we live in, of the real and fiction, what makes it a worthwhile experience.”

For his ongoing project, on the Abdelmounim’s wishlist there are Shanghai, Seoul, Chicago, and New York.

If you are interested in prints, they are available via Curioos.

Behance / Curioos

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