The Heavenly Illustrations of Angela Wang

“St. Peter” – Stories of his method of crucifixion inspired this piece. – [sanctus]

Angela Wang, aka aw anqi, is an illustrator living and working on one of the continental Americas.
Each artwork of her gallery has something mesmerizing and interesting; composition, color scheme, everything is perfectly combined in her own original style.

Website / Twitter / Deviantart / Instagram Behance / Artstation

“Lucifer” – A transition from an angel to the devil.

03The Heavenly Illustrations of Angela Wang“St. Joan of Arc” – Visited by three saints, Joan was compelled to serve her king and God.

“St. Michael” – St. Michael trampling Satan, as in the Book of Revelation. The text comes from the Vulgate of the same chapter.

“St. Sebastian” – Martyr, shot through with arrows.

“Demetrios of Thessaloniki” – A military saint of the Orthodox. Often seen with St. George

“St. Denis” – First bishop of Paris, patron saint of France. Martyred by beheading.

“Love Transcends” – for a fanbook, eros and psyche myth


10The Heavenly Illustrations of Angela Wang“Announcer” – Gabriel

11The Heavenly Illustrations of Angela Wang“in memoriam” – for a friend of mine.

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