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Jani Ylinampa Photographed a Finnish Island Across Different Seasons

Finnish landscape photographer Jani Ylinampa photographed Kotisaari Island across four seasons in order to show its year-round beauty. “The first time I took the photo of the island was in summer 2015 and I published it on my Instagram account in … Continue reading

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Enchanting Folkloristic Illustrations and Animations by Alexandra Dvornikova

These enchanting folkloristic illustrations and animations are by London-based artist Alexandra Dvornikova. Native of Saint Petersburg (Russia), Alexandra found inspiration from nature, wilderness, and folktale. Tumblr / Instagram /  Society6

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Natura Insects by Raku Inoue

Natura Insects is a serie by Montreal-based fashion designer and creative Raku Inoue. In this amazing project, Inoue arranged a variety of real flowers, leaves and blooms to create the delicate components of brilliantly colored butterflies, moths stag beetles, and other insects. Instagram via [Abudeezo]

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View from a Comet

Remarkable footage captured by the ESA Rosetta mission to comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenk High Resolution Video File: Sources: to Credits: ESA/Avi Solomon

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World’s First Underwater Villa

The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island presented the world’s first underwater villa. They’re calling it Muraka, or “coral” in Dhivehi (the local language of the Maldives), and it’s projected to sit five meters beneath the waves of the ocean. “The first of … Continue reading

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The Phenomenon “Crown Shyness”: Trees Do Not Touch Each Other

Crown shyness (also canopy disengagement or intercrown spacing) is a phenomenon observed in some tree species, in which the crowns of fully stocked trees do not touch each other, forming a canopy with channel-like gaps. The phenomenon is most prevalent among trees of the same species, but also … Continue reading

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Literally Magical GIFs by Kamille A.

Literally magical animations by Philippine freelance artist, illustrator, and animator Kamille A. a.k.a. Kami a.k.a karekareo. Behance / Patreon / Instagram / Website  

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Mythology, Fantasy & Sci-fi by Chun Lo

Chun Lo is an illustrator and concept artist living in Florida. He has been working in fields such as publishing, advertising, and gaming specializing in fantasy and sci-fi oriented illustrations along with creature design. His work explores themes of mythology, fantasy, … Continue reading

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Magical Photos of Abu Dhabi Wrapped in Fog

Khalid Al Hammadi is a Chemical Engineer – Cityscape & Architecture Photographer based in Abu Dhabi. His stunning photography seeks not only to capture Abu Dhabi’s architecture, but also its soul. “The fog always appears in a different form and color, … Continue reading

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New Unbelievably Beautiful Drawings by Morgan Davidson

New unbelievably beautiful drawings by Denver based illustrator Morgan Davidson (previously). “My work is mostly drawn in colored pencil, a medium I started working with when I was a child. I’ve always been drawn to it’s precise nature and how easily you can create … Continue reading

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