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The New Otherworldly Artworks of Cyril Rolando aka AquaSixio

Piano Lesson “My artistic approach is set between surreal and fantasy style… in one word : Otherworldly. I never took art course that’s why I have few anatomy/perspective notions. I work with intuition to compensate for this lack of knowledge … Continue reading

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Miniture Embroidered Meals by Japanese Artist Ipnot

Japanese artist ipnot has spent years perfecting her hand-embroidery art and today creates “paintings” using just needles and yarn. While exploring the traditional craft herself, the artist discovered the ball-like French knot, her “favorite type of stitch.” “I choose a thread of … Continue reading

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Magical Illustrations by Felicia Chiao

“A very intense period of badness” Felicia is an industrial designer, illustrator, and toy maker who is now exploring the world of food design. She is currently on a mission to finish a sketchbook a year and to eat ice … Continue reading

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New Impressive Illustrations by Teagan White

Teagan White ( previously ) is a freelance designer and illustrator from Chicago, now living and working in Minnesota, where she earned her BFA in Illustration from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design in 2012. Her work encompasses intricate drawings of flora and … Continue reading

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Panit Porno by Local Preacher

Utterly pornographic, bold colors and good vibes in this impressive project by Russian Photographer Local Preacher.    

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“Pastel Gore” Tattoo by Brando Chiesa

Italian tattoo artist Brando Chiesa focuses his neo-traditional tattoo portfolio on Japanese pop culture with a grotesque twist. Brando calls his work “pastel gore,” his unique style is seeping with pastel colors but the content can be hard to stomach. via [illusion]

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Song of the Day: Who By Fire by Leonard Cohen

‘Who By Fire’ is a song by Leonard Cohen, from his 1974 album ‘New Skin for the Old Ceremony’. The title and most of the lyrics derive from or are inspired by the second paragraph of Unetanneh Tokef, an eleventh-century … Continue reading

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Manifestation by Andre Gidoin – Makerie Studio

A series of layered Paper Art sculptures inspired by hypochondria and anatomy, featuring vital, sensory, and reproductive organs. “A personal project inspired by a long and intimate relationship with hypochondria. Started almost two years ago and informed by a lasting … Continue reading

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Wonderful Pixel Based Visual Landscapes by Waneella

Wanella creates these stunning pixel artworks with an original combination of colour, squares and movement. With her skills and love for pixels, she shows us an original dynamic world. Tumblr / Patreon / Twitter

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Crown by Gerrel Saunders

“In some black communities there’s still a stigma that kinky or coarse hair is “bad”, which couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s no such thing as good or bad when describing someone’s natural hair texture or type. To those … Continue reading

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