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Insect Embroideries by Humayrah Bint Altaf

These intricate embroideries are the creations of Humayrah Bint Altaf, a talented artist from the UK, who stitches fabulously ornate insects and trees that incorporate gold twist cord, metallic beads, and other delicate materials. “I often wander through the woods near my … Continue reading

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Kyoto Winter Wonderland

Image via sugar9717 Take a look at some spectacular photographs of Kyoto covered in snow. Ginkakuji (photo by @_nanashina_) Kinkakuji (photo by ui_hii618love) Image via dianasip Image via Juezba Image via gentasekikawa Image via shiny_choi Fushimi Inari-taisha (photo by @mayu_sakurai11) … Continue reading

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Origamigeschirr – The Origami Tableware by Moij Design

“This tableware consists of different bowls, plates and cups. The design is inspired by origami paper structures which principles are folding a square piece of paper without cutting or gluing. The paper bowls are doused with plaster to create a … Continue reading

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Self-Taught Digital Artist Max Asabin Shows His Master Photoshop Abilities

Self-taught digital artist Max Asabin shows his master Photoshop abilities in this fascinating series of before-and-after photos. Deviant Art / Instagram / YouTube

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Strange Reflections

“As an airliner approached its landing at Chicago’s O’Hare airport a rare glimpse of a reflected upside down city leapt forth from a break in the dusk time clouds, looking like something that should belong in the land of Faerie. … Continue reading

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Sola Cube Shop & Minerals as Beautiful Food

-An edible rock and mineral specimen meal that was offered last year- “3.8 billion years ago life began on earth. And over millions of years multicellular life evolved into land plants and forests. The colors and shapes of flowers, fruits … Continue reading

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Mika Suutari – Photographer of Mystical Nights

Mika Suutari, photographer of mystical nights in Finland. “I am an photographer from Southern Finland. I like pictures with a powerful athmosphere and I intent to have that in my photography. I hope my pictures convey the feeling I get when … Continue reading

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Song of the Day: Nobody Gets Out Alive by Le Castle Vania

Le Castle Vania is an electronic dance music project created by Atlanta-based DJ Dylan Eiland. Eiland began DJing at warehouse parties and raves in Atlanta at age 16. He adopted the name “Le Castle Vania” with the release of his remix … Continue reading

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Bökh by Ken Hermann – Gem Fletcher

“Bökh was shot in the Grasslands on Inner Mongolia, an area of Northern China that has a strong Mongolian population. The Grasslands are vast open spaces that run from the mountains of Inner Mongolia to the border of Outer Mongolia … Continue reading

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