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New! Art History in Contemporary Life Alexey Kondakov

Ukrainian artist Alexey Kondakov (previously) takes figures from classical and historical artworks and photoshops them into modern every day life, thus creating his ongoing series “Art History in Contemporary Life”. Facebook via  [This Isn’t Happiness]

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Tattoos Inspired by Amazonian Tribes – Brian Gomes

“Tattoos are the ripe fruit of the soul. They are our inner beauty.” Brian Gomes Influenced by Brazilian and Peruvian tribes, Brian Gomes believes our physical form reflects our spiritual life. “He spreads spiritual intention with each pattern, but won’t copy sacred designs … Continue reading

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Detailed Plates Made With Hundreds of Tiny Painted Dots

These delicate and complex plates were decorated by Russian artist Daria (aka dahhhanart) who employs a form of pointillism technique that combines acrylics, enamel, and appliquéd gems. Instagram via [mymodernmet]

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Full Trailer for “Loving Vincent” the World’s First Feature-Length Painted Animation

The full trailer for Loving Vincent, a feature-length film animated by 62,450 Oil Paintings, has finally been released after nearly six years of creative development. Loving Vincent is an investigation delving into the life and controversial death of Vincent Van … Continue reading

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孤独症 by YANG Yi


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Michael Pederson Public Projects

Across the public spaces around Sydney you’ll find these humorous and thoughtful urban interventions by artist Michael Pederson (aka Miguel Marquez Outside). Tumblr / Instagram

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Silhouette by Sébastien Del Grosso

“Silhouette” is a series by Sébastien Del Grosso a Graphic Designer and Freelance Photographer from Paris, France. Website / Society6 / Behance / Flickr “These series of images are about the planets of the Star Wars universe. They are made with toys photography, taken with … Continue reading

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Crows on Snow by Walker Berg

“Forensic Evidence Division Criminalist Walker Berg took this amazing photo from the 12th floor of the Justice Center. We’re calling it “Crows on Snow.” Taken with a Nikon D-700, ambient light, aperture mode, F16.”  Portland Police Bureau

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How Special Effects Were Done in Silent Films

With these incredible animated GIFs, Reddit user Auir2blaze explained how movie effects from the Silent Film era were done. You can see the entire album on Imgur. Reddit / Twitter Harold Lloyd hanging off a clock in Safety Last! (1923) When Safety Last … Continue reading

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Glowing Flowers Photographed With Ultraviolet-Induced Visible Fluorescence

These photos were taken by Craig Burrows with ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence lighting. All these photos were taken of the flowers being irradiated by a 365nm light source, causing the flowers’ materials to fluoresce. Most, if not all illumination used to create … Continue reading

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