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Greg Payce and the Space Between His Vases

Canadian ceramicist Greg Payce has spent over two decades exploring a three-dimensional representation of Rubin’s vase, in which a figure is revealed through the edges of two forms. Art Gallery of Burlington

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117-Year-Old Color Postcards Reveal A Glimpse of Tunisian Culture at the Turn of the 20th Century

A street in Kairwan These gorgeous color postcards of Tunisia were created using the Photochrom process, and are part of The Library of Congress’ Photochrom collection. Invented by a Swiss printer in the 1880s, the Photochrom process is a technique for applying realistic color … Continue reading

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Song of the Day: She Wants to Move by N*E*R*D

“She Wants to Move” is a single by American hip hop and rock group N*E*R*D from their album Fly or Die. It was written by Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo. Lyrics: Shake it up…shake it up girl Shake it up…bass … Continue reading

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Skin deep – Looking Beyond the Tattoos

Photographer Steven Burton spent over 400 hours in Photoshop removing tattoos that covered former LA gang members. The emotional series, Skin Deep: Looking Beyond Tattoos, is to humanize a group of people who are stereotyped because of their tattoo-covered body. … Continue reading

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Popup Lighting

Chen Bikovski is a Tel Aviv-based designer exploring the relation of light and space. Named ‘Promising Young Designer of 2012,’ Chen’s work is presented in prominent galleries and featured in leading design publications. “The idea behind Popup Lighting was to … Continue reading

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Crystal Birth by Emanuele Fornasier

“This video is the beginning of a long term chemistry project involving metal crystals. These stunning structures are the result of a chemical reaction where the metal is deposited from the solution onto the metal surface. It takes from a … Continue reading

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Yoshitoshi Kanemaki

Yoshitoshi Kanemaki is a Japanese sculptor based out of Chiba Prefecture who chisels these figurative sculptures from blocks of wood. Each piece conveys a complex and impressive array of human emotion.  Behance / Facebook  

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Donate <3

I don’t want to improve my website (or make money) by adding annoying new ads, but if you like the Dancing Rest, please consider a donation. Your donation will help me to keep this blog alive. Your Donation Can Make … Continue reading

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Kerby Rosanes, The Doodler Keeps Amaze Us

Philippines-based illustrator Kerby Rosanes (previously) works mainly with ordinary black pens to magically illustrate his “Doodle” world. The 24-year old artist considers his art as a personal hobby which turned out to be his part-time freelance work after being recognized … Continue reading

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Faig Ahmed’s Mind-Bending Carpets

The talented carpet weaver Faig Ahmed distorts the patterns of traditional Azerbaijani rugs, producing works that seem to split, drip, and separate on the wall. via [theMoodBoarders]

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