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Seasons by Garret Kane

Garret Kane is an assemblage sculpture artist based in Brooklyn NY. From the concept to the materials and techniques used, almost all his sculptures embody the idea that human beings were made by nature and through technology we attempt to recreate … Continue reading

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3 Days March

These charming artworks are by Sydney-based artist Yan Qin Weng (aka Loika). “I make sanctuaries for myself from the places in my head — mountain ranges, narrow alleyways, canopy shadows. If stories were air then I’d breathe my best with a … Continue reading

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Get Lost in Kyoto With Yasuhiro Ogawa

Tokyo-based photographer Yasuhiro Ogawa shows us the true magic of Kyoto. For Ogawa, Kyoto is all about the colors that fill the city and as he said“It changes constantly.” Eight hundred years ago the Japanese poet Kamo no Chomei penned … Continue reading

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Sakimi chan (pt. 14) Horoscope Series

Capricorn Sakimi chan is a digital artist based in Canada, she amazed us with her Gender Bender series in which portrays some of the most famous characters in Disney world(and not) in a gender bender version. This is her new … Continue reading

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Airportraits by Mike Kelley

A native of Ipswich Massachusetts, photographer Mike Kelley has been named one of the 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide 2016/17 by Luerzer’s Archive and his images have been named Digital Camera World’s Best Images of 2014. In his Airportraits series, Mike sets … Continue reading

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Musical Bugstruments by Scandinavian DesignLab

Beautifully executed brand identity based on bugs merged with musical instruments, by Scandinavian DesignLab for Copenhagen based fashion store, ParisTexas. “PARISTEXAS opened its doors in the spring of 2007 to an entirely new shopping experience in the heart of Copenhagen. … Continue reading

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Above Chicago

Chicago-based photographer Nick Ulivieri specializes in architecture, food, and aerial photography. Ulivieri takes some of the best photos of Chicago year-round, aerial or otherwise. “I like my verticals parallel, my skies wild, bold color, and shooting above Chicago.” Website / Instagram / Flickr via [Colossal]

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“Reframe”- Powerful Installation About the Refugee Crisis

Controversial artist Ai Weiwei recently opened his first major exhibition in Italy, titled Libero (Free), at Florence’s Palazzo Strozzi. Prior to the opening, the artist installed the work Reframe. Reframe is Ai Weiwei’s major new installation involving two of Palazzo Strozzi’s façades: twenty-two large orange … Continue reading

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NONE by Ash Thorp

NONE is a short film that explores the balance of light and darkness. It has a personal narrative which plays with the notion of finding yourself amidst the noise around you. Website / Blog NONE from Ash Thorp on Vimeo. CREDIT DIRECTOR … Continue reading

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Lepidoptera Obscura by Vladimir Stankovic

“Illustrations depicting various moth and butterfly species from the ‘lepidoptera obscura’ order. These “hidden butterflies” dwell in the most inaccessible areas of tropical rain forests and some even have the ability to become invisible, which is the reason of their obscurity from the … Continue reading

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