Pantone Cafè, Taste the Color

Returning for its second year, the Pantone Café has set up shop for the summer in Monaco.
The color-coded menu features items named after its color or specific ingredient and has its correlating Pantone hue in parentheses. The café has collaborated with French juicery Yumi for a range of juices—including one made up of rosemary, carrots, beet, fennel, apple, red cabbage, lemon, ginger and kiwi. Blended together, it becomes “True Red” (Pantone 19-1664). There’s also “Pistachio Green” eclairs (Pantone 13-0221), “Espresso Macchiato” coffee (Pantone 7574), “Verdant Green” salad of the day (Pantone 19-6026), “Water” (Pantone 5435 C) and more.

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