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La Tour Percee

Image credit: David George The Tour Percée double arch is a double natural arch, located in the Parc Naturel Régional de la Chartreuse, Chartreuse Mountains, France. Located in a very remote area, with a difficult and dangerous access, very few guide … Continue reading

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Live Leaf Tattoos by Rit Kit

“I’m a nature lover, so most of my sketches are related to flora,” Ukrainian tattooer Rit Kit explains. “But the more I drew, the more I wanted something fresh and native, to feel the plants without any steps in between.” … Continue reading

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Song of the Day: Prison Grove by Warren Zevon

  Released in 2003, “Prison Grove” is Zevon’s stark depiction of an inmate in a jail constructed of iron and rock, with no heat, in the coldest winter. Lyrics: An icy wind burns and scars Rushes in like a fallen … Continue reading

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New! Silvia Pelissero (aka agnes-cecile) Watercolor Illustrations

Silvia is an Italian painter best known as agnes-cecile. She went in an art high school in Rome, than she has continued as a self-taught.  Here her latest gorgeous, glowing watercolor portraits, outlined in white ink. cleanfolio / eyesonwalls / deviantart / youtube / tumblr / society6

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Fully Edible Technicolor Cappuccino or Latte by Mason Salisbury

Las Vegas-based barista Mason Salisbury has devised a method for pouring rainbow foam on cappuccino. You can see the fully edible technicolor beverages on his Instagram account @ibrewcoffee. Instagram via [MyModernMet]

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The Gorgeous Illustrations of Andi Koroveshi

These amazing illustrations are by Albanian illustration and 2D concept artist Andrea “Andi” Koroveshi. Facebook / ArtStation / YouTube

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50 Worst Posters of the Decade so Far by Collider

Managing Editor of Collider, Matt Goldberg shows us the worst fifty posters of the decade so far. “It’s tough to make a good poster.  There are contractual obligations, studio mandates, and you have to sell a movie in just one image.  If … Continue reading

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The Emotion and The Interest of Chinese

“This time, we do design base on pattern behind the Renminbi(Chinese money). Based in the 2015 New Year’s Eve to make mobile html5, doing promotional event for the Wechat Red Envelope(微信红包).” wang 2mu Art Director / Animation : @Wang2mu Designer :@Wang2mu … Continue reading

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Morgan Yon

Morgan Yon is a french concept artist with over 10 years experience working in video games and film industry. Expert in concept art & visual development. Website / Facebook / Behance

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Rose-like Calcite With Rose Color

“A flower like spray of late calcite blades are nestled (having precipitated from carbonate rich meteoric waters, ie rainwater percolating into the ground) above a pale blue fluorite that crystallised from the cooling water rich remnants of a granite. The … Continue reading

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