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Post-Apocalyptic Digital Paintings by Yuri Shwedoff

Alien This series of artworks is by young artist Yuri Shwedoff. His post-apocalyptic illustrations bring us through desert landscapes, lost people and the ruins of the modern civilization. Website / Behance / Patreon / Facebook Wolf Pack Weapon Glove Oracle Sputnik Shooting Stars … Continue reading

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Poem of the Day: A child said, What is the grass? by Walt Whitman

A child said, What is the grass? fetching it to me with full hands; How could I answer the child?. . . .I do not know what it is any more than he. I guess it must be the flag … Continue reading

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Animal Ski Masks By Teya Salat

22-year-old Russian tattoo model Teya Salat created these originals animal-themed balaclavas (ski masks) that transform you into a stylish creepy creature. Website / Instagram via [mymodernmet]

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Song of the Day: Kiss from a Rose by Seal

“Kiss from a Rose” is a song by Seal from his second eponymous album. The song was first released as a single in July 1994. Re-released in 1995, it was included on the Batman Forever film soundtrack, helping it top the charts in the … Continue reading

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The Rivers of Hell and Dante’s Inferno Recreated in Lego

Acheron “The Acheron, river of woe, is the first river reached by the dead on their final journey. Countless souls are whisked across the black depths by Charon, ferryman of Hades. Each soul pays but one coin to cross yet … Continue reading

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Sedlec Ossuary aka the Church of Bones

The Sedlec Ossuary also known as the Church of Bones is one of the most unusual chapels you will ever see. It’s a small Roman Catholic chapel, located beneath the Cemetery Church of All Saints in Sedlec, a suburb of Kutná … Continue reading

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Magic, Mystery and Portraits – Charlie Bowater

Shallow These wonderful artworks are by Charlie Bowater, a concept artist & illustrator from the UK. Charlie works as a Senior Concept Artist at Atomhawk Design. Website / Deviantart / Etsy  Sæglópur Fauna ImagineFX Cover Issue 126 Cascade the Art of Atomhawk Volume … Continue reading

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Mesmerizing Galaxies and Ethereal Flowers Encased in Glass by Satoshi Tomizu

Japanese glass artist Satoshi Tomizu created this series of little glass sphere (Space Glass) that seems to encase beautiful flowers and solar systems. Tomizu’s pendants are quite tiny, the planets in the center are made of opals and the glittering … Continue reading

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Subvisual Subway – Bacteria of the New York City Subway

Microbial residents of the L Train. They were here before it was cool. Over the summer of 2015, artist and experimental typographer Craig Ward rode the trains of each of New York City’s twenty-two subway lines, to create an unorthodox … Continue reading

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Sprout Pencil: the First Pencil in the World That Can Be Planted After Use

The Sprout pencil is the first sustainable pencil in the world that can be planted after use. The Sprout Pencil has been given this dual function by replacing the eraser, which usually sits on top of the pencil, with a … Continue reading

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