Incredible Realistic Fanarts… on Skin by Olga Grigoryeva aka Olggah

Itachi tattoo by OlggahItachi tattoo, in progress

Olga Grigoryeva is a greatly talented tattoo artist from Ukraine.
Here some of her most amazing artworks on skin (and not).

Deviantart / Facebook

I will always love you... by OlggahI will always love you…

Madara by OlggahMadara

Madara Uchiha by OlggahMadara Uchiha

Darkness by OlggahDarkness

Little Naruto by OlggahLittle Naruto

Black Widow by OlggahBlack Widow

Greatest arm by Olggah

Orochimaru by OlggahOrochimaru in progress

Orochimaru by OlggahOrochimaru

Itachi Uchiha by OlggahItachi Uchiha in progress

Raven by OlggahCrow

Snakes by OlggahSnakes

Smokewoman by OlggahSmokewoman

Sasuke by OlggahSasuke


Snatch by OlggahSnatch

Gin San by OlggahGintoki

Gintoki by OlggahGintoki

Ink tattoo by Olggah“Thanks for the beautiful piece of art escume

Samurai by OlggahSamurai

Kaguya Ootsutsuki by OlggahKaguya Ootsutsuki

Bleach sleeve beginning by OlggahBleach sleeve beginning

Ulquiorra by Olggah

Kenpachi by Olggah

Shikaku Nara by OlggahShikaku Nara

Mylene Farmer by OlggahMylene Farmer

Spirited away by OlggahSpirited away – Thanks to the author Yaphleen

Creature by OlggahCreature

Lancelot and Guinevere by OlggahLancelot and Guinevere

Candle by OlggahCandle

Heart by OlggahHeart

Bloody girl by OlggahBloody girl

Santa muerte by OlggahSanta muerte

Space sleeve by OlggahSpace sleeve in progress

Cthulhu in space by OlggahCthulhu in space

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