Viktoria Mezamero Voronko


Viktoria Mezamero Voronko is a young talented artist from Russia.

VK / Tumblr / Deviantart

Dio by MezameroDio from “Last Exile”

Lily by MezameroLily


Precious by MezameroPrecious

halo of blood by Mezamerohalo of blood

Fresh burnt by MezameroFresh burnt

Kaori finished by MezameroKaori finished

Ribs by MezameroRibs

Freestate by MezameroFreestate




portrait again by Mezameroportrait blackbird

Hijo de la luna by MezameroHijo de la luna

Death Is The Road To Awe by MezameroDeath Is The Road To Awe

Inside by MezameroInside

When the autumn comes by MezameroWhen the autumn comes

The Moon by MezameroThe Moon – My character from Dragon Age Inquisition – Sorra Lavellan

Dingir by MezameroDingir

Hawke by MezameroMia Hawke, my character from Dragon age II

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