Starships, Skyports and Steampunk Trains

Galaxy on Fire: Alliances - Terran Jumpgate by HideyoshiGalaxy on Fire: Alliances – Terran  Jumpgate

Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe is a freelance concept artist and illustrator and has been working for clients from the entertainment business including filmmakers, authors, game developers and private individuals since 2004.
He was born on 4th January to a German father and a Japanese mother in Frankfurt/Germany.

Website / Deviantart

Tesla Teleporting Station by HideyoshiTesla Teleporting Station – one of my favourite themes to do, Steampunk/Tesla stuff
another 30 mins spitpaint that went rather well

Jackhammer Jack by HideyoshiJackhammer Jack

Space Race by HideyoshiSpace Race

Frozen Sea by HideyoshiFrozen Sea – 30 mins spit

Blue Flame Powers by HideyoshiBlue Flame Powers – 30 min

Tethered Worlds - Unwelcome Star - cover remake by HideyoshiTethered Worlds – Unwelcome Star – cover remake

Rain City 2 by HideyoshiRainy City

Rainy City by Hideyoshi

City Sunset by HideyoshiCity Sunset

Maiden Flight by HideyoshiMaiden Flight – “And then Gerome wondered if he had changed his underwear this morning. Because you never know.”

Steampunk Trains by HideyoshiSteampunk Trains

Shade by HideyoshiShade

Ninja Stealth Fighter - video by HideyoshiNinja Stealth Fighter 

Future Ninja by HideyoshiFuture Ninja

Jungle Scout by HideyoshiJungle Scout

Sky Chamber by HideyoshiSky Chamber

Starship Blackbeard by HideyoshiStarship Blackbeard

Project Star Fall by HideyoshiProject Star Fall

Carrier by HideyoshiCarrier

Hangar - Speed Paint Video by HideyoshiHangar

Desert Stars - Cover by HideyoshiDesert Stars 

The Workshop by HideyoshiThe Workshop

Samurai by HideyoshiSamurai

Saber Medic - again by HideyoshiSaber Medic 

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