Arte Sella: Where Art is Nature and Nature is Art

Arte Sella is an international outdoor exhibition of contemporary art set up in 1986 in the fields and woods of the Sella Valley (Val di Sella, municipality of Borgo Valsugana, province of Trento, Italy).
Arte Sella is both a qualified exhibition of artistic works and, most importantly, an ongoing creative process in which art works can be actually followed as they grow and evolve. The artists are called upon to express a respectful relationship with nature and treat it as a source of inspiration.
The works are usually three-dimensional and created using stones, leaves, branches and tree trunks. Man-made objects, materials and colours are rarely used. All works are placed outdoor and can be admired while enjoying the different types of woods, stones and monumental trees in the surroundings, the artworks are left to decay thus becoming again part of nature’s life cycle.

The ArteNatura route is an art route on a mountain path and offers a new type of excursion to those who intend to experience an unforgettable journey through nature and its sounds, forms and colours. The route begins near the Strobela bridge on the river Moggio and all pieces of art are displayed along a path on the southern slope of the Armentera mountain.

At the end of the ArteNatura route a main street leads to Malga Costa (Costa Barn) amid beautiful fields and centuries-old trees. After visiting the annual art exhibition inside the building, a path takes visitors back to the woods to the magnificent Tree Cathedral, a monumental work created by the Italian artist Giuliano Mauri in 2002. In this natural spot several works are installed and complete the Arte Sella exhibition route.



Photo Aldo Fedele, Giancarlo Dal Savio and Giacomo Bianchi © Arte Sella

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    Too good to be true!

  2. Incredible scene. Would love to visit.

  3. brubio1111 says:

    Arte Sella is definitly worth a visit in every season of the year!

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    Awesome images! Thanks for the share.

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    Absolutely awesome. Each photo seems to carry a reminder of something profoundly not of our realm. “If I find in myself desires that this world cannot satisfy then only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.” C.S. Lewis.

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