HEXI by Thibaut Sld

responsive hexi wall fluctuates based on nearby movements

HEXI is a responsive wall made of 60 moving modules by Canada-based Thibaut Sld.
Its overall shape fluctuates, mirroring our movements.

“The hexagonal panels situated on the surface of the interior space use real-time data collected from motion-tracking technology to decode and interpret the gestures and actions of a person within close range. Using this feedback, the kinetic wall behaves in sync with the proximate participant; walking passed, jumping near or waving a hand in the direction of the ‘HEXI’ wall induces a undulating swell and surge of independent motion.”

by nina azzarello via [designboom]

video courtesy of thibaut sld


hexi-responsive-panel-designboom-03each panel is individually fitted with the mechanics, sending real-time data about proximate movements

hexi-responsive-panel-designboom-0260 mounted panels make up the ‘hexi’ responsive wall

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