Poem of the Day: Blauer Schmetterling (Blue butterfly) by Hermann Hesse

butterfly by JaeToh

Flaps its wings a small blue
Butterfly blown by the breeze,
A mother-of-pearl frisson,
Glints, flickers, passes away.
Thus in the blinking of an eye
Thus blown back from the mists of time
Saw I fortune wave at me,
To glint, to flicker, to pass me by and to expire

— Original —

Flügelt ein kleiner blauer
Falter vom Wind geweht,
Ein perlmutterner Schauer,
So mit Augenblicksblinken,
So im Vorüberwehn
Sah ich das Glück mir winken,

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English translation from:  Metamorphosis: Transformations of the Body and the Influence of Ovid’s Metamorphoses on Germanic Literature of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries by David Gallagher

image by JaeToh

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