Sand Paintings by Joe Mangrum

Joe Mangrum’s sand paintings are spontaneous creations in the streets and act as vibrant catalyst in social interactions. His work has been exhibited worldwide. Creating over 500 public sandpaintings since 2009 Mangrum is part of the current exhibit “Swept Away” at the Museum of Arts and Design in NYC and recently has shown at The Corcoran Gallery Rotunda in Washington DC.

“My paintings are visual rebellion of the grid. They are spontaneously improvised, using colorful sand, poured directly from my hands. They are about interconnectivity, reflected in a mash-up of visual cues, inspired by ancient traditions, yet executed in an urban free-style combined with “Pop” color. Shapes I create are inspired by the natural world of undersea creatures or carnivorous plants charged with electrical impulses and altering our DNA. Visually I combine elements from contemporary art, culture and technology to find the common ground from which to communicate our collective interdependence moving into the 21st century.”

Joe Mangrum

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