Jill Hoffman

Raccoon Ghost by JillHoffmanRaccoon Ghost

“My name is Jill Hoffman (Pinecone to some) and I’m an artist working in Upstate New York. I freelance, creating illustrations, concept art, and various commissioned fine art. I also dabble in crafts and mixed media collage. Being a multi-media artist I find myself taking on different kinds of projects with varying styles and themes regularly.
I’m inspired by ancient myths, dark folklore, and Japanese ghost stories. I have a soft spot for children’s fairy tales, and the supernatural or otherworldly. With my deep fascination of nature, I incorporate the natural world in all of my pieces.”

Jill Hoffman

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The Fenris Wolf by JillHoffmanThe Fenris Wolf

Watchful by JillHoffmanWatchful

04Jill Hoffman.jpgSoma Snake

Roots by JillHoffmanLost Underground During Daylight

Tundra Seeker by JillHoffmanTundra Seeker

Freya's Attendants by JillHoffmanFreya’s Attendants

08Jill HoffmanLunar Fox

Crow Totem, laws of nature by JillHoffmanCrow Totem, laws of nature

10Jill HoffmanWicked badger

11Jill Hoffman.jpgCross Fox

Spring Rabbit by JillHoffmanSpring Rabbit

© Jill Hoffman
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