Etam Cru

Etam : Moonshine / Richmond, VA, United States, 2013

Etam Cru is the artist duo Bezt and Sainer. They both graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź and work today as freelancers expressing themselves between murals, canvases and graphic design with a focus on illustrations and portraits. Etam Cru enjoys to depict real objects and human figures in unexpected contexts. In doing so, the artist duo invites the viewer to their very own world of imagination, where meaning is never strictly defined. Contemplators are encouraged to step into Etam’s surreal stories and develop them according to his or her individual liking.”[volvoartsession]

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richmond00Photo credit: Aaron Woes Martin.

Etam : Surprise / Sofia, Bulgaria, 2013

 Etam : Madamme Chicken / Lodz, Poland, 2013

Etam : Monkey Business / Warsaw,Poland, 2013

Etam : Makao / All You Can Paint, Halle, Germany, 2012

Etam : Mind Trip / Vienna, Austria, 2012

Etam : G.Wlkp / + Pener Tone / Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland, 2010

Etam : Traphouse / Urban Forms Gallery, Lodz, Poland 2012

Etam : Praying sinner / Katowice street art festival, Poland, 2010

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  1. Beautiful, thanks for sharing

  2. oolung says:

    Hehe, just read an article about them today on 😀 Great work, too bad only one of them in Warsaw!

  3. iangoldsmith says:

    Love their work. Quality art on a huge scale! 🙂

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