What Christmas Leaves Behind

Vanitas:  A series of skulls carved in christmas ornaments by Rafael Diaz

The wrapped subway: French art collective SISA PROD took over a subway car on the Paris metro train line and wrapped the interior of the train in holiday wrapping paper. Clea Polar, co-founder of SISAPROD said: “In the subway, people are often in a bad mood. So with Christmas fast approaching we created this installation to make their ride more pleasant”

Electric Light Bulb Christmas Tree and Gold Reindeer in Paris: Jeff Leatham, artistic director of the Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris, created a unique Christmas tree out of thousands of hanging electric light bulbs! Surrounded by 40 live Christmas trees. Inside the lobby of the hotel, Leatham also worked with Michel Amann of Crystal Group to create Sexy Golden Reindeer. Each  animals is made with 1,300 separate mirrors, stands over 13 feet (or 4 meters) high and weighs 1,100 lbs (or 500 kilograms) or more. In front of the bar, over 13,000 gold balls are stacked on top of each other, as Christmas trees magically float on top of them. You can watch a video of this impressive display on the Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris Facebook page.


via [junk-culture] [mymodernmet]

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