Ephemeral Rays by Charlotte Smith

Exhibited in Joining The Docks
Fine Art Degree Show
25th May – 1st June 2013
Chatham Historic Dockyard
University of Kent

“Dust is a fragment of moments gone by, light floods through windows and captures the most intricate nooks and crannies of spaces, whilst time measures the stature and significance of a place.

Ephemeral Rays depicts the volume of light that beams through the window of the Galvanising Shop, it is an echo of a fleeting ray of light. Uniting light bulbs and dust gives both visibility and volume to natural light, it offers a comprehension of light and space; the light bulbs act as vessels of light, they bring a physical tangibility, whilst to see a shard of light we see dust particles in the space of light, both endeavour to explore the presence of light through something familiar.

When light graces these stunning buildings in the dockyard it enhances their architecture, marvel and beauty; Ephemeral Rays responds to these wonders which have inspired Smith’s curiosity in light, space and time.”

Charlotte Smith

Ephemeral Rays

Ephemeral Rays

Ephemeral Rays

Ephemeral Rays

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