Deborah Simon

01Deborah Simon.jpg

A series of faux-bear sculptures fabricated by New York-based artist Deborah Simon.

Simon says ‘Bears are the ultimate stuffed animals; both the iconic plush toy and the prized taxidermy specimen for hunters. Most of all the sculptures deal with vulnerability; the vulnerability that the animals face from environmental degradation, conflicts with people, suburban sprawl and poaching. I particularly find the dichotomy between the defanged, declawed childhood toy and the fierce reality of a top predator fascinating.‘ Simon’s work was recently exhibited at Packer Schopf Gallery for context in Miami coinciding with Art Basel Miami Beach 2013.

photos by dan wonderly

via [designboom]

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4 Responses to Deborah Simon

  1. The professor agrees bears are his kind of pet!! The minus the throws in these pictures. Very interesting! Though not as fun would you do this with other animals?

  2. smealek says:

    I see this working perfectly with a baby white husky.


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