Illustrations by Señor Salme

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Despite exhibiting a rather shameless submission to Photoshop, Señor Salme cultivates a thorough and unrequited love for good brushes and the thick smell of ink. His drawings are influenced by an inconsistent blend of comic-books, popular culture, symbolist painters and mythology. Apart from illustration, he is also fond (though in a somewhat faked way) of Soviet science-fiction films, second-hand books containing handwritten notes by their previous owners, and a musical genre he likes to call nerdie music, which may have little relation with what other people are refering to when using this tag.

Señor Salme lives in Málaga, Spain

You can see more illustrations at

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  1. eyegawker says:

    Very interesting work, it makes the viewer think about the relationships between all the objects and figures he includes in each illustration.

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