Confetti Death by Typoe

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TYPOE’s practice employs a consistent push-pull between the dark recesses of the urban underground and the shimmering veneers of celebrity. Tracing the deep indentations of academic art history into the seemingly bulletproof, steely surfaces of street art, TYPOE illustrates a conflicted visual landscape riddled with mundane objects forcibly jammed into precarious anthropomorphic scenarios. Clandestinely donning a bandit’s bandana, using razor-edged satire as his proverbial pistol, TYPOE’s work subtly nods to the established contemporary art canon, held hostage in a dizzying abyss of hermetic hypocrisy, excessive lifestyles and the melancholy of lost time. TYPOE lives and works in Miami, FL.

In 2011 he created “Confetti Death” a piece that features a levitating skull forcefully puking shards of spray can tops onto a wall. The contrast of dayglo colour against the white wall and skull is phenomenal. Confetti Death is a snippet of Typoe’s work that emphasises both peace and violence, often combining objects and symbols of religion with those of war.

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7 Responses to Confetti Death by Typoe

  1. People create art out of everything. It is surprising how a simple idea evolves into a tangible project.

  2. anmol88 says:

    fantastic head skull

  3. maddy white says:

    Wow this is amazing, even aesthetically it’s beautiful!

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