Song of the Day: Firesuite by Doves


Firesuite is the first track from Lost Souls the debut studio album by British indie rock band Doves, released by Heavenly Records on 3 April 2000.

In February 1996, on the Williams twins’ birthday, the band’s recording studio located in Ancoats, Manchester caught fire and burned down, destroying virtually all of the band’s equipment and recorded material. In an interview with Excellent Online, Jimi Goodwin said of the fire, “Yeah, we lost tapes, we lost equipment. But we were insured. If we weren’t insured, we might not be here now. When forty grand goes up, where would we be to get that back at 22 years old? So, yeah, we were lucky. It was a blessing in a way. I was laughing. After the initial shock, I started giggling, y’know? It was like [looking to the sky], ‘What else you gonna throw at me, man? C’mon then, fucking bring it on! Me bird just left me, what else you got?'” The only surviving recorded material recovered from the ashes was released as Delta Tapes in February 1998, featuring early versions of later Doves tracks “Firesuite” and “Blue Water”, as well as B-side tracks “Crunch” and “Lost in Watts”.


Origin Handforth, Cheshire, England
Genres Alternative rock, indie rock, new prog, post-Britpop, space rock,experimental rock
Years active 1998 – present
(on hiatus since 2010)
Labels Heavenly
Associated acts Sub Sub
Members Jez Williams
Jimi Goodwin
Andy Williams

image by Yasny-chan

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