Steampunk Design by Mike

01Steampunk Design by Mike
“Hi! My name is Mike. I’m a graphic designer from Prague with 12 years of experience. I love the web and I thrive off of using its full potential to complete business challenges.
My forte is beautiful and user-orientated graphic design. I create logotypes, icons,and illustrations. And design websites, applications, games, and user interfaces.
I’ll gladly work on your project as well! Contact me at for project inquiries.”
02Steampunk Design by Mike03Steampunk Design by Mike04Steampunk Design by Mike05Steampunk Design by Mike06Steampunk Design by Mike07Steampunk Design by Mike08Steampunk Design by Mike09Steampunk Design by Mike
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5 Responses to Steampunk Design by Mike

  1. skuby89 says:

    Holy COW! these are awesome!!! what do you use for inspiration?? These are just amazing I can’t get over it! You are very talented!

  2. skuby89 says:

    Reblogged this on Evan Munoz's Design Portal and commented:
    Instirational Steampunk Designs by Mike a Graphic Designer from Prague

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    you are so amazing job..awesome

  5. mommo228 says:

    Do you sell your work? I’m a high school yearbook adviser. My kids want to do a cover that is half a steampunk deer head and the other half a blueprint design. None of us have the knowledge or talent to be able to do this. We may also need some icons to put throughout our book. Could you do this?

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